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Claiming Her by Kris Kennedy - Renegades & Outlaws series, 5 Kilts is breathtaking!

Wow! Blew me away! Another brilliant, clever, amazing, hot and sizzling riveting read by best selling author, Kris Kennedy! She really has a rare gift indeed with her golden pen and outdid herself in this totally brilliant and powerful story. 'Claiming Her" in her new Renegades & Outlaws series, is when Ireland was under English rule. I love when true history is weaved into a fabulous fictional romance. Plus nothing better then a true historical facts weaved into a fictional Irish historical romance with famous iconic figures in it. In this case Elizabeth Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I , daughter of Queen Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII! Love!Love! Loved!

1589 Norhtern Ireland, Beyond the Pale ( when part of Ireland was under English rule)

Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen or Queen Bess to others expects everyone to yield to her. Even if she doesn't keep her word in her favors and rewards she previously promised. As a lad of fourteen, Aodh Mac Con bowed down to the English Queen, laid down his bloody sword, promised to be true to England. This was in agreement as long as he eventually would be given back his ancestral home Rardove castle and his lands in Ireland. Aodh Mac Con is one of the Queen's loyal Captains, courtier, councilor and favorite is furious and will no longer be her puppet and plaything! Especially when he finds out she has betrayed him and given  Rardove Castle, his Irish ancestral lands to another! Queen Bess has rewarded Rardove to nobleman interrogator, Bertrand of Bridge! After interrogation can prove her chatelaine Katarina  is not rebel as the rumors the Queen is hearing  claim. Bertrand will then be allowed to wed her chatelaine.

Aodh is extremely clever in his next steps have the impregnable gates opened to him and his men.  Once Katarina sees his Irish mullet, a partly shaved head on the sides with long hair and half his body is painted ( tattoos) Katarina sees her mistake! This was not uncommon among Medieval Irish and Celtic tribes. After his perfidy is recognized Aodh Mac Con ( The Hound) then finds himself with a knife to his throat, by the Lady of the keep with his own blade!  This beautiful, calm, serene woman becomes a bezerker wildcat, not the hysterical or frightened Queens lady he was expecting. Yet he finds she light a fire in him that had been extinguished for years maybe never even lit ! He want her for more then his ancestral keep she seems to make him feel alive like never before! He definitely wants her!

Katarina de Macie of Rardove who feels duped and is furious at herself! This for being duped so easily by this handsome rebel Irishman, with the brightest blue eye and a painted body! The attraction is immediate, but she refuses to be a traitor like her parents who are dead for only loving each other. Her father had also been the Queens man, was to settle things in Ireland, instead he fell in love with an Irish Princess! Married Katarina's mother without the Queens permission and the looses his head for it! Her mother then dies of a broken heart and eight year old heiress, Katarina, is left abandoned, alone and an orphan. This child reminds Elizabeth of herself, being ignored and abandoned so she offers the keep of  castle Rardove in Ireland as chatelaine. Now the one thing Katerina fears  most - repeating her parents  mistakes and being called a traitor! Rumors reached the Queens ears are calling her exactly that.....a traitor!

Aodh decides wooing and gifts is the way to the ladies heart, but locked in a tower? Will she turn traitor like her father?  Is Katherina, her father's daughter after-all? Can she keep this handsome Irish rebel at arms length with all his wooing and gifts? Plus seeing all he has accomplished in Ireland after a short amount of time which she hasn't been able to do in years! It is beyond impressive, it is remarkable and unbelievable!  Katerina is confused and knows the Queen's Army will be arriving at her gates soon! She has decisions to make and quickly before it is too late!

Loved the motley crew or you might call secondary characters of the story. Englishman RĂ©, Scottish Cormac, plus  Bran plus Katrina's friend Susanna and wee Dickon. I really enjoyed all the characters for different reasons, but mostly their loyalty, honor, caring and protectiveness of their fierce leader and lady.

Will Katarina choose love or honor? Will Aodh be punished by the Queen with a traitors death? Will Katarina betray the Irish rebel and turn Aodh in to the Queen? The lady who took her in and gave her a castle in Ireland. Will Aodh ever truly get a chance to truly claim her - his warrior woman? Will she ignite a fire or extinguish it forever? You will have to read this sizzling passionate romantic tale lined with true historical history to find out!

I absolutely and unequivocally loved this story about Irish history and when Ireland was under England's rule ( beyond the pale). Brilliant and accurate research in this this spectacular. riveting captivating adventure. I simply could not put this book down! H/H were both heartwarming and endearing, yet had similar heartaches of the past that you can't help, but root for them! Filled with riveting adventure, mystery, suspense, betrayal, emotional, historical facts, passion that sizzles off the page and of course love. Ms. Kennedy did an outstanding job creating this brilliant tale - lined with true history in sixteenth century Ireland. This is one of those rare stories that stays with you long after you have read it. I loved this sexy, Irish rebel, Aodh Mac Con he is true alph male and definitely swoon and drool worthy! I highly recommend "Claiming Her" by Kris Kennedy, as I have been reading her books since her debut and her books just get better! That says a lot considering I have loved each book she has released! I must say Claiming Her is a total masterpiece in my opinion and my favorite to date! It's totally brilliant!

Renegades & Outlaws Series by Kris Kennedy

0.5)The Kings Outlaw - Captured by a Celtic Warrior anthology

   1) Claiming Her

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