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In this story  and another Walsingham sister is its heroine this time is younger sister Lady Elizabeth. This is wonderful for readers of Ms. Roberts precious books, as they  will have a feel for her and her background. Although you can read this a stand alone book too, if you are new to Ms. Roberts books or the series. So it's a win/win no matter if your new to the series or not.

This is the third book in Victoria Roberts fabulous Highland Spies series that Scottish historical romance readers will absolutely love!

Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, 1613 ( though the story is mostly set in English court)

This story starts off as an unrequited love story....

As Lady Elizabeth Walsingham has had an enormous crush on the Highland Laird, Ian Monroe since she was a young lassie.  As she finally realizes he does not feel the same, her young tender heart is shattered and broken. Ian only sees her as pesty, bothersome, little lass which has forced him to stay away from Sutherland lands for the past three years. He does not realize his rejection has promted Elizabeth start a new life in England and forget all about Lord Ian Monroe.

Sometime fate has to jump in...

In England, Many years later Laird Ian is in London by chance and finds the pesty young girl once he knew has turned into a beautiful woman with all the right curves.  Problem is she seems to avoid him like the plague! A death in Elizabeth family draws Ian and Elizabeth closer as he tries to comfort her she still seems to avoid him. Plus an unscrupulous actor and one of the Kings favorites wants to marry Elizabeth, just as Ian realized he wants the same. Plus three of the Kings advisors have suddenly been murdered! Is Elizabeth in danger too? Could it be this actor? Elizabeth's devious new suitor whom is actually a Spaniard, hiding behind a perfected English accent?  Ian plans to put Elizabeth out of harms way, but can he reveal the truth about the spying?  So he plans to rescue Elizabeth from this miscreant as he finally see's Elizabeth as the beautiful, desirable, smart  woman he now desires and loves. Let's just say he has to work his way to be in Elizabeth's good graces and heart again. Will she chose a Kings favorite or a brawny highland Laird?  Who would you choose? Will Elizabeth forgive the man who broke her tender young heart three years ago? You will have to read this wonderful exceptional book to find out!

I hope you enjoy it much as I did....happy reading! - Celtic Barb -

Another riveting, fast paced, 352 page turner full of adventure, heartbreak, betrayal, mystery, suspense, tragedy, death, deceit, murder, mayhem, romance, passion and love. All the elements that keeps this captivating story fascinating from start to finish. Wonderful dialogue, I love gaelic in books so that was a huge plus for me and really beautifully written. Bravo - Victoria Robert another outstanding Highland Spies Book.  and  facebook group Tartan Book Reviews highly recommends!

***I was given this book from the Sourcebooks Casablanca publishers in exchange through for an honest review.***

Highland Spies Series by Victoria Roberts

1) My Highland Spy
2) Kilts and Daggers
3) Kill or Be Kilt

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