Friday, May 27, 2016

Just Found by Ceci Giltenan ( The Pocket Watch Chronicles, Book #3) Just Released Today! 5 Kilts!

Once found is book # three, in Ceci Giltenan’s Pocket Watch Chronicles enchanting, unique, original and exceptional time-travel. As the magical elder Gertrude is upto her shenanigans again with her magic pocket watch! For those who are following the series in the last book The Midwife:  we found out what happened to disillusioned 21st century obstetrician Elizabeth Quinn accepting the pocket watch and went into Elsie Macrae’s body. Now we find out what happens to 13th century Elsie Macrae in 21st century in Dr. Elizabeth Quinn’s body.

1289 Scotland
2006 New York City and Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Elsie enters the 21st century in a severe snowstorm in New York City at the hospital  from a bad car wreck. After being rushed to the hospital one of the first people on  the scene, pediatrician Gabriel Soldani who is Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend from medical school!  Elise hysterical and scared to death in this new world, over seven hundred years in the future. The only one she trusts is Gabe. Not realizing she once broke this mans heart though she thinks she feels Elizabeth's love for this man. All she realizes is she loves him.

After advised by Gertrude is to pretend to have amnesia to fit into this world. As Elsie knows she can't do the things girl genius Elizabeth could do, even the very basic things like reading, flushing a toilet, using a phone, and using food utensils even!  Convinced she isgoing back to her time, after Elizabeth saves The Mackenzie Laird’s, wife and baby. Elsie believes she is to mend things between Gabe an Elizabeth and bring them together for when Elizabeth returns to her body and time.  The problem is she is starting to feel things for Gabe and is confused who loves Gabe she or Elizabeth? Plus there is a minstrel Geodie she was starting to fall in love wth in 13th century Scotland! What will Elsie choose this wondrous new strange future world or back to her medieval time? You will have to read this second/ third  chance at love story that will pull at your heartstrings as it is breathtaking, emotional, delightful and heartwarming!  If you believe in soul mates, fate, destiny, and true love you don't want to miss this beautiful story!

Gabe has loved and lost two times in his life his feelings for this Elizabeth - are so much deeper and more intense, that he doesn't understand it. He also sees so many changes in Elizabeth's personality it boggles his mind but it has been six years. Will he fail at love a third time - just to have his heart broken again? . This man who has been a bit gun shy at the love for the past 6 years, will he take a chance again or have his heart torn out of his chest? Will he feel betrayed if her learns the truth or think Elizabeth is just insane from a brain injury? You will have to read this exceptional tale that find out.

The main characters are so endearing ,  the Soldani family is a riot, the secondary characters like The Sinclairs and The Quinn's, some you love some and some make you furious. Another Giltenan winner! Such a fun and fabulous tale, magnificent dialogues, fast moving plots and perfect settings and so beautifully written. I highly recommend. Once Found is one of those rare spellbinding book that you will never let go, nor forget! It is definitely going on my keeper shelf, to read again and again! Absolutely delightful and brilliant!  Highly recommend!

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The Pocket Watch Chronicles by Ceci Giltenan

The Pocket Watch
The Midwife

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