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Highlander Unbroken, A Highland Advnture Novel, by Vonda Sinclair. TBR on May 10, 2016 5 Kilts! Neacal is one hot Scot!

Highlander Unbroken, A Highland Adventure Novel, by Vonda Sinclair

Loch Moidart, Scotland, 1619

Neacal  MacDonald, newly appointed Laird of Clan MacDonald of Castle Bearach is a lonely broken hero with a heart of ice. Yet this man has a two sided sword as he wants to make his late father proud of him as well. He had been severely tortured two years prior - by an enemy clan, that most men wouldn't of survived. Neacal had been secretly spying for the King of Scotland, weeding out traitorous clans. Also he believes he was betrayed by a woman that left his taste toward women bitter and untrusting. He hasn't even touched a woman in two years and he did bed his share of the lassies before. Neacal  wears a scar on one side of his face from his previous torture, which he hides behind his hair. Some of his own clan members are faithless and look at him like he is a monster! On top of that many people in his own people don't feel he should be laird or even think he is sane enough to protect the Clan! He is a broken man with many scars, not all can be seen.

Neacal wrongly lives with the guilt of many deaths he believes he is blamed for. He was determined to heal his broken body by running, swimming and taking his physical endurance to the limit. Many clan members feel he has a touch of madness, including some of the elders.   The only one he allows companionship  and he shows affection for is trusted wolfhound Dunn. Animal lovers will just love Dunn! There seems to be traitors  and enemy Clans lurking  at every corner!

Nothing heals his suffering except the voice of the beautiful Anna Douglas, the singer from the the traveling minstrel musicians who are entertaining the Clan. It seems to give him peace and healing and keeps his personal  hell and treacherous memories of the past at bay!!

Anna Douglas has many secrets as she has been on the run from a man who calls himself her husband by an illegal marriage . He killed her first husband, her unborn child and blinded her sister!  This true evil whoreson gets away with it too! He is filling corrupted officials pockets and no witnesses. She knows this man will kill her and those she cares for - if he ever catches up to her! She is also the first woman in a long time that Neacal has felt anything for as he hasn't even touched a woman in two years. He thought he swore he would never trust another woman again, yet Anna storms into his life and  she seems to give him the peace and healing he needs. They both have suffered greatly seems to be their common bond. This eventually opens their hearts to give them hope. Yet when all their ememies seems to come to them at once Anna knows she must leave to keep the man she loves. To keep his clan safe as she wouldn't be able to survive if Neacal was hurt again, to suffer in any way just by protecting her! For her there is only one option and even though this will break her heart. Anna will do what she must to protect het man!

A broken man and woman who create a bond by both understanding  and knowing what pain and  suffering really is! Anna seems to be his wee miracle worker melting his ice cold heart! Even trusting a female again in the slightest is a remarkable accomplishment for this shattered man! You can't help, but feel for this tortured suffering couple, as they both have endured so much pain in their lives! Readers will wonder if these star crossed lovers will ever truly be healed with enemies and traitors at every corner! Will they ever truly get their well deserved happily ending?

Vonda Sinclair, writes another spectacular, exhilarating, riveting adventure, in a beautiful breath taking Scottish setting with exceptional dialogue and captivating plot lines!  This marvelous book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation - wondering what will happen next? A wee bit of Beauty and the Beast elements with a very unique twist. Don't get me wrong, it's totally original , unique, with a delightful and refreshing story. It is definitely not a fairy tale!  Has all the elements Scottish romance readers will love - attraction, betrayal, adventure, suspense , mystery, murder, hate, pain fear, guilt, hope, healing, passion and of course love.

A phenomenal swoon worthy read that will  pull at your heartstrings! Readers won't be able to put this exhilarating book down!

Bravo Ms. Sinclair I absolutely and unequivocally Highlander Unbroken"!

**Highly recommend and will be released on May 10, 2016.**

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