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 With a heavy heart and tears this will sadly be my last  "A Highland Guard Novel" review. Brilliant author, Monica McCarty's finale , The Ghost" is book #12, the last book and finale of the series. I have utterly and absolutely loved all twelve books, each book is a masterpiece in its own rite. Yes Monica McCarty,  is one  of those rare, gifted authors who lines true, factual history, with a captivating unique and original fictional romance, my in my favorite genres to read about historical Scotland. I am so sad this is the last book in the series, but look forward to her next journey as I love history and I love romance and the combination is icing on the cake for me!

The Ghost"  By Monica McCarty

A Highland Guards Novel, Book #12, The Finale to be released on 5/31/2016

Carlisle Castle, Cumbria
England, 1314
Joan Comryn saw how they tortured  and put her Scottish patriot mother, Bella MacDuff  in a cage at age 12. This was an unheard punishment for a woman. Condemned by her father John and the cruel sadistic brutal English King! From that day on her father was dead to her and swore to the allegiance of Robert the Bruce. From that day on she had to grow up fast and after her father died the King declared her illegitimate and a bastard and gave all her wealth and holding to her cousins who is now her guardians. She finds out men's secrets through seduction but and sabotage making them think they had their wicked ways with her. Funny how flirting, seduction, whiskey and a sleeping draught can loosen a man's tongue! Then she passes her message to the Bruce.

Even most of the Highland  Guard know her only as the Ghost and not who she is or that she is even a woman. Luckily her stepfather Lachland "Viper" MacRuairi has taught her how to defend herself and get out of sticky situations. She could live with her family in Scotland in an instant if she chose. Joan is stubborn, has been doing this for the last six years and won't stop in the middle of a mission. Especially now so close to the great war and battle they have been anticipating! It's a dangerous game she is playing and soon she meets her match when she she meets former Highland Guard deserter and traitor Alex "Dragon Seton!

You can feel the chemistry and attraction between the handsome former brethren of the Highland Guard and soon finds out he is suspected of being the spy by the English.  This makes Alex furious as he sees he is not trusted again, no matter what side he is on! As the English know the Ghost is among them passing along their information to The Bruce camp. Alex is determined to find this spy he just doesn't think it's the woman he is cares for.....yet!

Joan hasn't really felt for anyone since she was a girl due to her allegiance and mission to The Bruce and a past tragic betrayal. She closes off  her emotions, so Alex storming into her heart is some what of a shock and surprise! She knows how Alex believes in honor and honesty over everything and feels they only way they can have a future is for him to change sides. It is the only way she can reveal the truth and where her loyalties truly lie. Can she trust him and give him her heart?  Will her  Highland Guard brethren even accept him back after Alex's betrayal two years ago? Will he pick love over honor  or will he betray her in the worst way of all? To reveal her darkest secret and report that Joan is the spy  "The Ghost" who has been helping The Bruce all along? To find out the answers and so much more you will have to read this magnificent book to see for yourself.

Another powerful exhilarating emotional  Highland Guard book that I could not put down. It was wonderful how Ms. McCarty pieced and ended the series - is pure perfection if you ask me. Like part of a puzzle that fit in perfectly or a missing link that was discovered.

Of course being that's it the final the last  book in the series I found it emotional at times but filled with all the right elements readers love in a Highland Guard novel. Filled with drama, mystery suspense, murder, brutality, torture, capture, manipulation, war, betrayal, seduction, heartbreak, romance, passion, love and so much more! The setting is absolutely breathtaking, heartwarming characters that always seems so real and spectacular dialogue. Another phenomenal read to add to your  Highland Guard collection which is a masterpiece in itself!

Yes I loved it and recommending it is an understatement, believe me you don't want to miss this one. You can read in series order or a stand alone book, another great quality in her books. I do recommend reading all 12 satisfying from start to finish in each and every one!

I have enjoyed it so much so thank you Monica McCarty for telling this story it truly touched my heart and warmed my soul! This is of one of my most favorite heroes and royal icons  in Scottish history - King Robert, The Bruce, in your fictional tale of his elite warriors "The Highland Guard". It's been an a wonderful journey and I have  love, love, loved it so very much, as their aren't enough words to describe how much I have loved all the books, stories and character's in this mega marvelous series!"The Ghost", Joan and Alex's story  was no different except maybe I cried a bit more being the last one, but another beautiful story and masterpiece headed to my keeper shelf! I look forward to your next book and series on your next writing   journey as I will be waiting with bated breath for its release to read!.......Sláinte Mhath, Celtic Barb
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