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Molly By Keira Monclair, The Highland Clan Book Six 5/5 Stars

Book: Molly By Keira Montclair
Series: The Highland Clan Book Book #6
Reviewed by:Barb Massabrook (Tartan Book Reviews/Celtic Barb’s Blog
Overall Rating:5/5 

Molly and her sister Maggie were sold by their cruel biological father!  A brutish man who would constantly criticize and humiliate Molly every chance mostly on her looks making her feel ugly and worthless. They were sold and given to a life a servitude to a cruel English family who met out horrific punishments to their servants. Luckily Molly and her sister were rescued by Gwyneth and Logan Ramsay and adopted them both. Molly had been so grateful ever since even through born English she was every bit a proud Honorable Scots woman.

Molly’s adoptive mother taught her archery and now she was one of the best archers of the clan. Now only comfortable in leggings and trews. 

Recently the Ramsay’s had to make a royal appearance to find the traitor MacNiven at the Kings palace in Edinburg. For this Molly had the wear a gown, something Molly detests and felt unattractive and awkward in.she can't even accept a compliment without feeling the sting of self doubt and worthlessness! Still having a lot of self esteem issues and lack of self-confidence in her appearance. This is is all due to  her past,  from the abuse and cruel treatment by her English father.

Molly develops bad headaches whenever the clan is threatened. She develops a bad one at this gathering! Then she is attacked and threatened from behind without a warning! The message is that revenge & retribution on all of  her adoptive family and Clans whom she loves so dear!

As for Tormod Moriston there is only one lass for him and that's Molly Ramsay! Of course he is a wee bit intimidated by her adoptive father!  Although he admires Logan Ramsay and his accomplishments as a warrior greatly! He finds Molly beautiful and the only lass for him. It is not solely on her looks which he finds her a total beauty. Also loves her strength, intelligence and kindness too. He too has trust issues from a cruel father and a brother who have been very cruel since his mother died. The only person who cared about him. He just wants someone to be proud of his strengths and accomplishments and to be loved. He has no idea there is a lass who feels all those things and more! 

He seems to stumble whenever giving Molly a compliment or tries to converse with her. Yet she is the only woman he wants. He is also the one who finds Molly after the attack. Then the attack puts him in a position as her protector as he is the only man besides family members that she trusts. It opens an opportunity he never thought to have but the assignment is not as easy as he thought, due to his feelings for the lass.

Will Molly ever realize and see her true worth and beauty? Will she ever open her eyes and see the man she finds the most attractive actually desires and wants her forever. Will clan Ramsay find their latest foe and even survive? 

Will Molly & Tormod ever find their happily ever after? Or is it doom and gloom going their separate ways with danger at every corner. Plus It seems Molly has a power she is not even aware of. How will Tormod react? You will have to wait and see! Recommend to read this magnificent story to find out the answers and more...lots of conflict, drama, betrayal, romance and more!   

Another exceptional fast paced emotional Keira Montclair story that I absolutely loved. Full of all the elements Scottish romance readers will love!

Can read as stand alone but with this fascinating clan I highly recommend you read them all. It is just more fun of a read to connect all the family members. 

*I was given this arc from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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