Monday, October 3, 2016

Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch, Book one in No Ordinary Hero, 5 Tartan Stars

Book: Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch
Series: No Ordinary Hero, Book #one
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook 
Heat Rating: Mild
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Scotland, 1812
Major Gabriel Forrester is a seasoned soldier, who just learned he has inherited two English estates and a enormous Scottish Estate. Being a seasoned soldier he is not impressed as he is more comfortable on the battlefield then in a stuffy ballroom. Gabriel takes his responsibilities very seriously, knowing this raise in his status will only be an asset to his family.  Especially his sister who would now be able to have a home of her own.  

Gabriel learns to find out his Scottish Stewart is being difficult with his lawyer. He is determined he must find out the cause and sack this difficult Stewart! So he heads to Scotland to tackle, conquer  and  terminate  this difficult Stewart issue and resolve it!  Problem solved or is it?

Fiona Blackstock despises everything English not uncommon of most Highlander's due to the their history. She can't believe this English Duke now own Clan Maxwell’s castle and land!  that have been there's forever. Fiona is furious as she has been acting as Stewart for the past four years. Ever  since her brother who is the  Stewart…... went missing . Fiona has been taking care of her Clan and castle then meets Gabriel under unusual circumstances  where he think he's rescuing Fiona from a mud hole and a cow! Plus Fiona still  not realizing he is the new Duke puts Gabriel in a dire situation due to her bad directions. Imagine his reaction when he discovers  this spiteful lass is the Stewart of his new estate!  In addition things are not right as of late at the Castle. There are several suspicious  mishaps  and accidents not knowing the cause or some might call a curse.

Of course sparks fly between these two and let me just say things get very interesting indeed. Soon Fiona realizes this too attractive Duke might not be the villain she imagines him to be and might be the man she needs! 

Another delightful Suzanne Enoch novel that readers will absolutely love!  Breathtaking setting, brilliant dialogue and amazing plots. A  captivating riveting romantic adventure filled  mystery, intrigue, humor, hatred  betrayal, passion, love and more.

 I highly recommend this captivating novel that I could not put down. Another exceptional start to a wonderful new series as I can hardly wait for the next book in this amazing  new series! 

I was given the eARC from the publisher in exchange  for an honest review through netgalley.

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