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when a LAIRD FINDS A LASS by LECIA CORNWALL, BOOK 2, Highland fairytale series 5 Kilts. Celtic Barb loved this read!

Book: when a LAIRD FINDS A LASS by Lecia Cornwall 
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews and Celtic Barb's Tartan Book Review Blog 
Heat Rating: mild
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Scotland, 1707
This is the the story of Malcolm Ban MacDonald and Marcail MacLeod who are from enemie clans. This rift started so long ago no one even remember the reason as to why. Malcolm is a dull lawyer in Edinburgh with a fiancĂ©e and gets a surprise visit from the elders of his father's clan of Dunbronach. He and his mother left his father's clan as a young child when he nearly drowned. Now he finds he has inherited his father's Lairdship, who had recently passed away. 

He also finds out he can only marry a highland lass as not other will do. So overnight Malcolm's entire world is changed. He is not exactly overjoyed by this news. 

The story is also bittersweet. As half the MacDonald clan had been lost from the ailing disease. In addition realizing how his deceased parents really both felt about each other and never recovered. Plus a treasure his father would of hidden and told his heir where it was hidden, except he hadn't seen his father since he was a boy!  

Ar first Malcolm is not exactly thrilled about this new responsibility, but as the story moves along he starts to open his eyes and falls in love with both the people and the land. Then one day while walking the beache he finds lass. A lass with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Except she is from the hated Clan MacLeod, tha barbarian clan! So to save her life Malcom hides her clans plaid and keeps the secret from the MacDonald’s . Of course it might just come to haunt him later, that's always the problem with secrets.

His clan is also obsessed with their new Laird finding a wife with the exception it can't be from the hated MacLeods. Plus he is set to do a ritual on Beltane and has to swim to this sea isle and make a wish. Except one problem Malcolm can't  swim! 

Daughter of the fearsome MacLeod as my heart really went out to Marcail MacLeod. As she  keeps opening her heart and being betrayed by the wrong men. Finding no man is faithful and all are liars! She is traveling with her betrothed John MacKay she finds he is as unfaithful as Colin MacLeod had been. Colin was the first to break her heart. Plus MacKay has secrets of his own, Though she isn't in love with either man, but the idea of love. She decides she won't marry this fool! A split second decision: jumps of the boat, as Marcail has always swam like a fish or some would say a selkie.

When she wakes up battered, bruised, plus  she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Yet she does remember how to defend herself. When the MacDonald women are faced with a new danger that sends them into hiding. Marcail teaches them the art of weaponry. As the story moves along you see the bond between Marcail and Malcolm grow stronger and deeper. Yet Malcolm holds back being a man of honor not knowing if there is a man or family already in her future. Marcail who the clan call Ronat is ready to move on, fearing she will never remember her past. Plus being the free spirit she is and just accept things as is  and move forward. 

This book is absolutley spellbinding and enchanting to the core I absolutely loved it! 

Will this couple find their HEA? This book is filled with riveting adventure, clan foes, rejection, intrigue, suspense, drama, betrayal, abduction, memory loss, passion, forgiveness, love and more! 

Omg let me just start with saying this book totally blew me away in a good way of course. It's absolutely magnificent. So anyone who reads this wonderful book filled with gorgeous breathtaking settings (I swear I could smell the sea), plus action packed plotting and dazzling dialogue! You  are in for an exquisite treat!  This is the second in Ms. Cornwall’s (A Highland Fairytale) series which is absolutely spectacular! Plus  with a wee bit of magic that makes it that much extraordinary in my opinion. 

I absolutely recommend “when a LAIRD FINDS A LASS by Lecia Cornwall book #2  as its one Scottish and historical romance readers definitely don't want to miss!  

Note: You can read in series order or as a stand alone book. 

A Highland Fairytale by Lecia Cornwall

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I was given this arc from the publisher and have voluntarily left an honest review through netgalley. 

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