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Wicked Highland Wishes by Julie Johnstone, TBR 10/10 5 stars

Wicked Highland Wishes by Julie Johnstone
Highland Vows: Entangled Hearts, Book Two
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook, Tartan Book Reviews
TBR: 10/10/2016 (tomorrow) 
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 5/5

Scotland 1354-1358

This story centers on a  beautiful young girl Bridgette MacLean who is struggling as she is coming into womanhood.  She resents being born a female, not able to do all the the things her male sibling and other males are allowed to do. Bridgette has a warrior's heart and want to hunt and even go to battle and fight.  As she resents all the restrictions put on women not being allowed to do these things and live the life she chooses. Then the first time she puts herself in a dangerous situation she is nearly ruined. The braw handsome Highlander Lachlan MacLeod rescues her and from that day on Bridgette realizes she's in love with Lachlan. The problem is on that day Lachlan's brother Graham has declared  he is in love with Bridgette MacLean

Lachlan loves Bridgette too, but feels guilty and hides it. He had had given a deathbed promise to his mum to protect and watch over his younger brother. So he does all he can to hide his true feelings. Then Graham is crippled protecting Brigette so out of guilt she agrees to marry the wrong brother. On top of that Lachlan feels he's failed his brother, focusing on the lass he loves, instead of the bother he promised to protect. So he leaves for for four years hoping to forget and and bury his guilt and feelings.  On top of this a seers dire protections all seem to be coming true! 

Graham is great at manipulation and putting the guilt on and extremely jealous of his successful and honorable brother. Does he truly love Brigette or does he want something just so he brother can't have it?  Yes Lachlan is honor bound to his mother's deathbed wish to watch over and protect Graham which Graham seems to despise and hate. Then after returning from Kings business Lachlan returns with a beautiful possible fiancĂ© on his arm! Bridgette is heartbroken. In addition  their enemies sister whose lethal brother Colin Campbell also wants Bridgette. A marriage proposal she refused as her mother has promised she could always pick her own husband,. On top of this there is a seer whose dire predictions all seem to be coming true! A Fairie flag in question, plus a surprise twist that was a total shocker that is very dark but definitely needed to be told! 

So Bridgette and Lachlan do everything try can do to suppress and hide their guilt and true feelings, but sometimes love just can't be denied. 

A fast paced powerful and very emotional read that definitely pulls on the heartstrings. Also weaves some true history with a fictional romance . So have the the tissues ready while reading this powerful heart pulling story about betrayal, guilt, sibling rivalry, jealousy, enemy clans, trauma, battles of the sexes and all consuming love. A heartstopping captivating  story Scottish romance lovers will absolutely devour! 

Well done Ms. Johnstone! I can't wait for the next book in this riveting and addictive series. You can also read this as a stand alone book. If you want to read about Bridgette's best friend Marion and Lachlan’s older brother Iain story: I recommend book one “When a Laird Loves a Lady”.

Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Book 2 …

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