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King's Knight, by Regan Walker. Medieval Warriors, Book 4. 5/5 *

Book: King's Knight By Regan Walker
Series:  Medieval Warriors Book #4
Reviewed By: Barb Massabrook
TBR: October 11, 2016
Heat Rating: Mild
Overall Rating: 5/5 *

Merewyn of York, was illegitimate  born out of a brutal rape. It is from a Norman Knight, who brutally violated her innocent mother. Her  sadly mother died in childbirth, she was a good woman from a fine family. As that is what Lady Emma tells her.

Sir Alexander of Talisand the Black Wolf due to his Raven hair. His parents are Sir Renald de Pierrepont, the Red Wolf and archer, Lady Serena of Talisand.  

Talisand 1082

This book centers on ward Merewyn of York, an illegitimate a a  child born out of brutal rape by a Norman warrior. Her innocent mother, Inga of York. was not nobility born, but came from a the greatest sword maker in York! Sadly Inga dies in childbirth. Then Merewyn is raised by her mother's best friend Emma.

As a child of 12, Merewyn was nearly in the same predicament as her mother had been all those years before.  Then a hero was born in Merewyn’s eyes. Some called him the Red Wolf's Cub, others called Black wolf due to his dark Raven hair. From that day on Sir Alex was her champion even as the girl turned into a woman. Merewyn also didn't want to depend on a rescue attempt - if ever in a dire predicament again! Besides the fact Alex left to go Squire, so was Merewyn asked to be taught the bow and arrow by Lady Serena Tailsand, expert female archer. Lady Serena is also Alex’s mother. Rhondi and Fia completed Merewyn's  training  in Wales. She now wore archers garb now and is one of best archers around. 

Alex a favorite Knight and respected warrior returns home with his two friends Rory and Guy. His attraction to Merewyn is immediate and all consuming! 

Now a woman Merewyn
 knew of Alex’s reputation as a ladies man. Plus she was a realist, knowing  they would never be equal in status. Plus she knew like his father, the King wanted to conquer Norman lands. The best way to do that was through a marriage alliance.

Merewyn just didn't see her worth.  She is the finest archer, plus one of the most beautiful woman in the land. As soon as Alex came home and saw Merewyn as a woman - he instantly wanted her. He knew she wasn't a woman for a fast tumble. As they got reacquainted  again, he saw her intelligence, strength concentration in chess and supreme talent as an archer. He knew she was the only woman for him. 

The problem is the King has already picked a bride for him. One who was known to get rid undesirable husbands under suspicious circumstances. This woman also see’s Merewyn as a threat. Will she be in danger? Besides the fact all the Kings lecherous men seem to want the beautiful young archer, including a Wales Prince! 

Will Alex and Merewyn have their HEA? Or is it doomed before it even begins - with an unwanted arranged noble alliance through marriage? 

Plus with war around the corner there's  always a chance Alex might not even survive. Plus Merewyn has to make s decision and is totally clueless when it comes to Alex.

Another Regan Walker fast paced page turning novel. It is  full of surprises and upheaval, not knowing what to expect next. Again, weaving true history and a captivating star crossed romance. Picturesque settings, quick paced plots and breathtaking dialogue. 

I Highly recommend readers check out King’s Knight and get totally swept away! You can read as a stand alone or in series order. Just more fun to read this entire mesmerizing and captivating  (Medieval Warriors) series which I have absolutely loved! 

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