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My Seductive Highlander by Maeve Greyson, book 4 Highland Hearts 5/5 Kilts

Book: My Seductive Highlander 
by Maeve Greyson
Series: Book #4 Highland Heart Series
Reviewed by : Barb Massabrook
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating:5/5

13th and 21st Century Scotland
Maeve Greyson does it again in the fourth and final book of the time jumpers, the Sinclair sisters.  It is a wonderful Highland Hearts  Scottish time-travel series and again another exhilarating read from start to finish! 

In this story, Grandmother Sinclair is up to her matchmaking shenanigans again, with her fourth and last unwed granddaughter, Lilia Sinclair.

This book starts with the hero Graham MacTavish who we met in Book 3, My Tempting Highlander. He had been released from an evil witch's curse, that had caused him to be a man by day and dragon by night. This bound to him Loch Ness for the past three hundred years! Well, he has been making up for lost time per say, soaking up his wild oats! Unfortunately he was recently caught swiving a nearby Clan Chieftains wife and mistress at the same time! Plus his man Angus has lifted a couple of this chieftain's best roans! So his Laird MacKenna, Trulie's husband has no choice, as Graham has to either be exiled from Scotland or executed!

The heroine of this story is Lilia Sinclair lives in present day the 21st century while all her three sisters live in the 13th century. Granny Sinclair and her sister, Mairi are worried about her.  As the elderly woman who has been watching over her is dying. Then Lilia will be all alone and Granny has always sensed she is the one sister to remain in the past. 

Now Granny Sinclair is back at her matchmaking ways!  She see’s Graham and Lilia as each other's true soul mates. So he must go to the future and remain there plus be able to sweep Lilia off her feet. 

This won't be an easy task as Lilia can read people's true feelings and can feel what they feel whether it pain or deceit. It's a big burden to carry another reason her Grandmother and sister are so worried about her once her. So Graham is not only to watch over her,  but to marry her in the old pagan way, mixing blood with blood. This will not be an easy task with the  independent, suspicious twenty first century woman with special psychic empath abilities!

Sadly this is the last Granddaughter of the series so this is the final book.  It's been a wonderful journey as all four books have been absolutely spectacular reads. As I have absolutely loved them all! I highly recommend you read them all as it brings out every emotions from laughter to tears! 

Can be read as a stand alone book. I feel it would be more rewarding and fun to read the entire series,  to connect all the characters. 

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.

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