Tuesday, August 18, 2015

USA-Kentucky-21st Century
Scotland-The Highlands-13th Century 

My Highland Bride book two in Highland Hearts series  this time Matchmaker granny has picked a mate for the second born Sinclair daughter  one Kenna Sinclair....

 My Highland Bride by Maeve Greyson is a Superbly written Scottish historical time-travel romance tale of humor, adventure, sacrifice, betrayal, love, choice, and trust. As it will melt your heart and make you giggle at the same time. The chemistry between Kenna and Colum is just sizzling.   This is about 21st century Kenna from Kentucky who is less then thrilled when she gets a message from  her
 Granny who is in the 13th century telling her it was time for her to jump the web of time back to the 13th century. Kenna who hates jumping as she gets major motion sickness at jumps and vomits her guts up. Also she is worried about her mature 18 year old twin sisters whom she lives with. Plus of course giving up all the modern conveniences like the Internet, pizza, being lazy even good old tampons and tooth paste, she just isn't ready. Yet no one can refuse Granny who has sacrificed so much for them and when she is told she has only a week to prepare well let's say she is less then thrilled by this. Of course Granny takes care her of everything as she has a friend who will be watching the twins until it is their time to do the jump to the 13th century when they all can be together again. Of course Kenna will be happy to see her eldest sister  Trulie  who fell in love and married Laird Gray MacKenna who is expecting their baby at any moment. 

The hero of this book  the best friend  and man of arms of her brother-in-law Laird Gray Mackenna  the Mr. muscle himself one Colum Garrison. The Sinclair sisters all have the power of  jumping to 
and from time, read minds and erase memories. It also has to be kept secret as only a few chose know especially in 13th century with witch burnings and people being accused of sorcery that have no gifts at all!  It's was dangerous times for those with any special gifts of any kind! 

Kenna's big problem is when she briefly looked into Colums  mind it's was like watching the Highlander porn channel he has slept with every available woman is Scotland and virgin Kenna wants no part of that! She will not sleep with any man before marriage  which is surprising for 21st century Lass from Kentucky. For Colun this is the first woman who can resist him yet the first woman who makes him feel things he never did before. Even Kenna knows there is this electricitbetween them as they both feel a tingle when they touch. 

You will have to read this amazing page turner enchanting, sweep you off your feet story  to see how it resolves as it is truly like having a piece heaven to see how thing are resolved or possibly not resolved? 

I can tell you this I absolutely loved this Scottish historical time travel by Maeve Greyson and she outdid herself in this one. Even the secondary character like Granny and others were  so endearing! What a joy to read can't wait for the next book  in the highland hearts series which will steal your heart and a wee bit of your soul. As I know it did for me. Definitely putting these books on my keeper shelf!

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