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Laddie Isle, Scotland
Spring 1400

This is the second book in the Scandalous Scots series  and again Ms, Welfonder books are always magnificent you can feel her love of  Scotland both the people, lore, history and land . This  is Roag the Bears story, in the story of the illegitimate friends  who becomes members of King Robert's Fenris Guards. These brave, honorable and fearless men will go on dangerous missions and do whatever is required of them. Sometimes this requires different accents and identities for the better good of Scotland.

This series continues for  those who read To Love a Highlander in book one of Scandalous Scots Series where that book was about Morley the fox. In To Desire a Highlander, this is book two  where Roag the Bear takes the identity of of a deceased Donell MacDonnell Cheftain not realizing he is

betrothed! Now the betrothed was done five years earlier and hasn't seen or heard from him since
which was just fine with the independent Lady Gillian  MacGuire also known as the spitfire of the Highlands!

Gillian MacGuire remembers her betrothed as an onion breathed, yellow stained, overweight, smelly and unkept greedy man and although it's been five years she is not a dummy and realizes before long that this man is an imposter! Of course Roag hates the position he had been put in an no one told him that he is betrothed when he accepted this mission. One wee important part that one Alexander Stewart, brother of the King forgot to mention. As he has assumed the identity of one Donell MacDonnell  a dishonorable man who died escaping prison as he was far from honest and honorable  man. Gillian is also known as the spitfire of the Highlands. When she realized she can't buy him off

with enough riches to line his pockets nicely is when Gillian starts putting the two and two together, as the real MacDonnell loved  filling his pockets over anything.  This man was fit, muscular, clean
and smelled good  actually the opposite of MacDonell as he was honorable. Also he was making
Gillian feel things she knows Donell MacDonnell not capable to stir these types of feeling. Roag who has stopped wenching with his men as of late realizes this woman one Gillian MacGuire has  bewitches him like no other and make him feel things and only after sharing a couple kisses that leaves him spellbound!

A must read you won't be able to put down beautifully written and my heart went out for young those boy who lost his life long ago and always wanted a dog but lost his life before that happened.

Again Ms Welfonder and her love of animals pulled at my heartstrings with the ancient Skog the dog,
 Gillian's best friend and also befriended  one boy ghost himself the laddie of the isle. I also love the style of Ms. Welfonder's writing when she mixes true fact, Scottish lore in her historical fiction, the combination is truly magnificent! Another enchanting, fun, entertaining read that will enchants you and sweeps you off your feet. I know it did me with lots of twists and turns that you can't wait to see what happens next .

I loved To Desire a Highlander By Sue-Ellen Welfonder one you truly don't want to miss and I highly recommend and I know Sue-Ellen Welfonder fans like myself have been waiting for this story and believe me you won't be disappointed. It is a fun filled spectacular read that will melt your heart! I loved it!

Scandalous Scots by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

1. To Love a Highlander: Morley the Fox story
2. To Desire a Highlander:  Roag the bear story 8/29/2015 release date

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