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This is book one in the USA Today Bestselling, award winning author Eliza Knight, in her brand new "The Conquered Bride" series and fans like myself of her previous Stolen Bride series will be delighted to know the is spin off of that series.

Isle of Skye, Scorrybreac Castle, October 1290: This book starts in the prologue as 12 year old  Lady Brenna MacNeacail and her twin sister Lady Kirstin whose castle is under attack by Clan MacLeod little does she nor her sister are aware is that both her parents are dead and all their warriors as well. Her governess tries to get the twins to safety but is murdered on the way by Ronald MacLeod who tells a terrified  Brenna is to be his wife! Brenna  is shocked, thinking she is way to young to a wife, yet in truth then thinks he must mean a betrothal contract. Kirstin is hiding behind rock. When Brenna's cousin Finn shows up and Kirstin shows herself Ronald is shocked! There is two of them, but then decision made he puts a sword to her throat that he cruelly presses until some Brenna's blood trickles out from her neck and threatens to kill her if they don't leave! There really is no choice for her cousin though he does promise he will be back to save her, a promise that is never kept.

Isle of Skye
Dunakin Castle June, 1305

This is the home of Laird Gabriel "Wolf" MacKinnon who has just received word from Chief Lamont his enemy  man who stole the woman he loved ten years ago and he has never loved who felt for any woman since but still will do anything his former beloved Ceana Montgomery. She has asked him to rescue her cousin Brenna MacNeacail MacLeod who has been imprisoned with her four children for the past month, well since she murdered her evil abusive husband Ronald who she was forced to marry at age twelve. Not in name only but actually a forced consummation as well at age twelve too. When Lamont mentions he should marry her Gabriel thinks she must an old way past her prime and plus whose to say she wouldn't murder him in his sleep! No thank you he thinks though at 36 he knows her need a wife and an heir. It just won't be a woman with a broad of four children past her prime so he thinks. He is curious why her brother by marriage Thomas MacLeod has never  brought murder charges against her and have her executed as would be the case.

Thomas MacLeod  has his own agenda and  is even worse then her husband Ronald was, more evil and cruel as they have been loving on only rations of bread and water this past month, Brenna fears he will kill all her children to take lairdship away from her sons and daughter. He tells people he is there for guardianship of Theo to teach him what needs to be done to be a Laird until he is of age. There is also a treasure that Brenna and her children are keeping a secret, though she knows Thomas is searching and would steal it if he knew where it was hidden. Plus all their lives would be forfeit and she knows she has to escape this prison with all her children and soon!

Of course at this point Gabriel is not aware though he has heard rumors of how petite Brenna is and is expecting a much older woman as well. Of course when he sees the beautiful 27 year old Brenna sparks fly, but not only physically, but mentally as well. He loves her stubbornness and fiery temper. It is  fun to watch this couple go hot and cold and how innocent Brenna truly is, but how fierce she is when it comes to her children and her beloved dog Snow who is also the best guard she has. Also how Gabriel wins over her children and even Snow of course being a handsome, fierce and powerful but good man and highlander made me sigh a lot during this read as you can't help but love this man, I found this book very emotional as well so have that box of Kleenex nearby but of course that means your so absorbed in  an exceptional read. I always consider that actually a great thing when a book can get that much emotions out of me.

This book is a definitely a page turner,  beautifully, superbly written, riveting tale you won't be able to put down! "Conquered by the Highlander" will have the reader totally absorbed, as it will have you both captivated and mesmerized, believe me I know I was! It has all the elements we want in a beautiful Scottish historical romance. Of course as an avid animal lover, I love when author puts pets into their stories,plus all the elements like mystery, suspense, unrequited love, hate, betrayal, attraction, honor, denial, fear, love and more that make it a joy to read that this book had in spades!

I absolutely and unequivocally loved and highly recommend  "Conquered by the Highlander" (book one if The Conquered Bride series) by Eliza Knight. It is a book you definitely don't want to miss! ~B.

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