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5 plus stars and fans of Donna Fletcher can't get enough of this beloved couple! I was so thrilled and excited  that Ms, Fletcher wrote another book about our favorite duo! Cree and Dawn, our  favorite brawn highlander and his beautiful, peasant wife, without a voice. As always I am always amazed as well as mesmerized how this talented author pens these stories and the way she has Dawn communicate to her husband and others is beyond amazing and just so brilliant!

Scotland, early 1200's

In this page turner Cree gets into quite a lot of trouble as he goes on a mission under King Alexander Stewart's orders as an emissary to Minnoch Castle. Shortly after Cree's arrival he is framed by Lord Parlan Minnoch stating he stole jewels!  Villain Minnoch torture Cree with words saying he  will have his castle, lands, wife and and children in a matter of days after he has our beloved Cree beheaded and throws him in Minnoch's filthy dungeons,  Although they all know Minnoch was not a man to be trusted going into this and this just proves the fact.

Well stubborn Dawn will not let this happen without a fight. As he is the love of her heart and soul so she and Old Mary come up with a plan but a very dangerous one and Castle Minnoch is impossible for his men to free him without being seen! Sometimes a man needs the help of woman, no  matter how furious and angry he will be! When things can't be negotiated peacefully and civilly Dawn takes things into her own hands. Sometimes dangerous times takes desperate measures, but Dawn will try anything to rescue the man she loves more then life, but will it work or will they both end up on the block leaving their newborn infants as orphans?

You will have to read this captivating and superbly written short story to find out. As there are so many twists and turns in this  exceptional  magnificent story that will keep you guessing as I know it did me totally brilliant! It is truly a truly fabulous read and a good meaty length for short story too,  as I highly recommend it. Those like myself whom are team Cree and Dawn will love and won't be able to put it down! Believe me you don't want to miss this one, I was totally absorbed and enchanted! I really can't praise it enough!

I highly recommend "Highlander's Promise" it was another winner as Donna Fletcher books always are! I totally loved it! ~B

     Highlander Trilogy full length books and short stories by Donna Fletcher

                 Highlander Trilogy are all full length books

1. Highlander Unchained - 370 pages, full length book * trilogy
2. Forbidden Highlander - 390 pages, full length book * trilogy
3. Highlander's Captive   -  368 pages, full length book * trilogy

                Cree and Dawn's Short Story Collection

1.  Highlander's True Love (A Cree and Dawn's short story #1) 83 pages
2. Highlander's Promise    (A Cree and Dawn's short story #2 ) 100 pages

You can read all her books as a stand alone book or in series order readers choice. I personally find it more fun in series order to conectioto the dots of previous character that or the relationships but it is not necessary as you can enjoy and follow the storyline without doing this as well. It's just a personal choice per say. Happy Reading and every book is a fabulous read! Enjoy!

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