Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This is the second book I have read and reviewed by Ms. Madeline Martin and it nothing short of a masterpiece in my opinion. If allowed I would give a bazillion stars, as I absolutely loved it and is definitely headed for my keeper shelf. I was totally dazzled  by  this exceptional book and you can't help but fall in in love with the sexy, attractive, braw highlander Colin MacKinnion. I also felt for  it's heroine, Lady Brianna Lindsay and all the heartache and cruelty she has been through in her short life! Possession of Highland is another page turner with lots of plots within plots with so many curves and turns was simply a joy to read!

Setting: Angus, Scotland - June 1606

Highlander Colin MacKinnon only want land and a title so he thinks after being ignored by his own father Laird MacKinnon and giving lairdship to his younger twin brother Ian. All he needs is an heiress and a castle and lands so he is wee bit full of himself and set out to woo one Lowlander, Lady Brianna Lindsay whose father is Laird 0f Castle Edzell, but comes to her in the guise as a Captain of the Guard after hers is murdered by her enemies hands. Colin thinks this will be an easy quest. Brianna never wants marriage or children watching her father's cruelty toward her and treating her mother as a prisoner not even believing his own daughter is his own blood and believing she is a bastard from his faithless wife so he believes. Brianna was only allowed to her own mother under watch with guards. Plus her evil cousin Lord Robert and Uncle wants her to marry him for the wealth and title and obsess over Edzell. So when her father dies she hides his body and knowledge of his death or she will be forced into this marriage which would only be what she watched her parents have a loveless cruel marriage and all her freedom taken away. As she is something of a blue stocking, loving her books and education and knowing seven different languages. It is who she is.

The problem is there is no evidence she is legitimate to inherit Edzell as she isn't sure who her father is or if her mother actually did have a lover. Sometimes she wishes she did as a dream to have a father who would be proud of her and care for her and be proud of her accomplishments. Brianna also knows her Uncle and cousin would ruin her home and murder her servants and it's people. Her father dies as she has him buried in unknown grave and under the guise he is ill and can see no visitors so she won't be forced into this farce of a marriage. Of course this can't last and then when they realize he is dead from a spy and come to the assumption her Captain of the guard did the deed she has no choice but to marry Colin  or her he will be hanged for a murder he did not commit. Of course this is not the way Colin wanted her either even though his plan was seduction before he met Brianna. He was not expecting someone  so caring, giving, protective of her people and beautiful as he had already fallen for Lady Brianna. He also knew she was starting to feel something too, knew she would now feel betrayed and forced into this marriage not the way he wanted it at all!

Believe me this story doesn't end here this is only the beginning as there is murder, corruption, mistrust, denial, betrayal, mystery, lies, suspense, hate, love,  etc as you will not be able to put this superbly written book down!  I was so engrossed in this story it was as if the world around me stopped. Yes, this book was that wonderful. Many surprises  and emotions along the way and I loved some of the beloved secondary characters as well and you never knew what was going to happen next.

As Miss Martin does it again with another brilliant story that pulled at my heartstrings  and melted my heart. You can't but help but root for this couple, but there seems to be so many obstacles in the way. So you always wonder how so many issues can it be resolved? How can so much misery lead to happiness. The loves scenes are hot and steamy but tastefully done.  I cried at the marriage stone an old highland tradition, another way I know I am reading a spectacular book when it can pull such emotions from me. I highly recommend  Possession of a Highlander by Madeline Martin as I do her previous book Deception of a Highlander  which I have previously read and also gave a 5 star review. I can't wait to see what Ms, Martin will put out next, but I know I will be first in line to read! ~B

 Madeline Martin Books

1. Deception of a Highlander
2. Possession of a Highlander

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