Monday, August 3, 2015

Tartan Book Reviews Highlander Pin Giveaway at


Enter here to say hi to Celtic Barb and comment for Facebook's Tartan Book Reviews free Highlander Pin by Scottish historical author R.L. Syme it is huge six inches in length and width. You can wear as pin or as a stand. Now who wouldn't want this handsome laddie on thier desk or nightstand to wake up to or fall asleep and dream about highlanders aye.

Note: Contest is for Tartan Book Reviews group members if you want to enter you need to join group  also you you must be a USA resident as well. Good Luck Lassies!


  1. Hello Barb! I love the pin and Highlanders of course :) Let's see.. what's not to love about Scottish Historical Romance? Highlanders are fierce, loving, caring, they know what they want and how to get it. And the romance I read provide me with with what I love about highlanders and the settings I've yet to see about Scotland *le sigh * ;)

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  3. Thank you for entering our Giveaway and Good luck lass