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My Highlander Husband by Cindy Pennick, The Clan MacLaren, Book One, 5+ Kilts. It totally wowed Celtic Barb! Beautifully written, just amazing true history with a fabulous fictional romance is the best!

Book: My Highlander Husband by Nancy Pennick

Series: The Clan MacLaren, Book Book One

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook of
Tartan Book Reviews  and
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Mild

Overall Setting: 5 Stars

1715 Scotland

Times were insecure with whispers of another Jacobite rising and war coming soon.  The English King felt the only way to secure alliances  was through marriages and bloodlines. In other words wealthy English heiresses marrying Scottish Laird’s or their first born son. The next to be Laird. Now the English daughter of the Duke of Norchester, Lady Juliet Anna Marie Kingston,  already had a love in England. Whom she said, goodbye to, as she understood her duties. She also wondered: why she was the only nobleman's daughter being chosen to marry a Scottish Lairds son?

It wasn't easy her trip to Glenhaven in Scotland. As she heard the whispers and shouts to leave! Go back to England Sassenach! Except when she met her betrothed it was love at first site for the Lairds son, Ross MacLaren and Juliet! Both were attracted to each other physically and mentally right from the get go!  

Juliet eventually wins the entire MacLaren familie’s, respect and love,  but Ross’s parents  Donnach and his wife Fiona. His Laird father ends up using Juliet which breaks her heart, but agrees to save the MacLaren Family!

Well this did not play out the way you think, as Juliet’s former beau comes into play. Being a wealthy Duke's son he buys a commission and has the Kings ear. This can put the MacLaren Clan in extreme danger!  

The Laird MacLaren is not thrilled having a Sassenach daughter-in-law, but feels he can use her and send her back if needed. The German English King wants to avoid a Jacobite uprising! Rumors of war, as the old pretender Scottish King might be back on Scottish soil. This time to lead his Scottish Warriors for a Jacobite rising!

Juliet's former beau threatens to blackmail The MacLarens. Stating they are Jacobite supporters and traitors! When Laird Donnach asks John what he wants? The answer was easy -  Juliet, or all the men in his clan would be killed or imprisoned as traitors! Wasn't really much of a choice, but it was the reason the Laird agreed to the marriage in the first place.

This novel is super sad at times as Juliet has to even leave her maid and best friend Eva. As she falls in love with one of Ross’s brothers. John is determined to get Juliet back or put all the MacLaren’s in danger!

This story is spectacular it has all the elements historical romance readers love. It is filled with arranged marriages, death, dying, heartbreak, betrayal, illness, remorse, abduction, true factual history, treachery, mystery, suspense, passsion and true love! It is a fast paced phenomenal read that readers will love. Readers will fall in love with three year old Alec, Ross’s nephew and other secondary characters. For example  like his sisters Heather, Greer, and Glynis. Juliet’s former maid Ava and Ross’s brother Duncan too. I look forward to the next book in this spectacular MacLaren series! I can't wait as this author definitely has a gift with Scottish historical romance! I hope she sticks with my favorite genre, as she writes beautifully.

This is a first read by this author Nancy Pennick for me. I absolutely loved this book, it is super fabulous! It has true history and a beautiful fictional romance! Yet there is sadness and sorrow throughout the novel too. So have those tissues handy lassies! Of course there is true love and happiness too and how Juliet and Ross achieve it!

Breathtaking settings, with dialogues that is total perfection. The plots within plots, makes the reader wonder what will happen next-with anticipation! A total nail biter for sure!

I voluntarily reviewed this  ebook from the publisher through NetGalley. All words, ideas and thoughts are srtictly my own.

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