Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book: Highland Sinner by Hannah Howell

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook
of Tartan Book Reviews, Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog and Purple Tulip Book Review
Series: Book #16 of The Murray’s

Heat Rating: hot

Overall Rating: 5/5

Sir Tormand Murray is obviously a rogue but a calculating killer? It is but doubtful though he did wake up next to a dead and chopped up body of one of his former lovers! He meets up with Morainn Ross whom has been branded a witch and this young woman enters the scenario to stop this cruel killer and enemy. She joins forces with Tormand as she does not believe he's a killer.

Yet this horrid killer will keep killing women from Tormand’s past until he is accused of murder and locked away or executed. plus this young woman has never met a male who accepted her unusual talent. As Morainn Ross a recluse with second sight that brands her a witch

Of course it would be the most handsome and rugged man she had ever met she finds herself attracted to. Will Tormand feel the same or is he too interested in finding out who is setting him up for murders he never committed. He needs to NZ prove his innocence not to say he is not attracted to the beautiful Morainn! She too for reasons of her own wants to catch this sadistic killer.

The couple’s attraction becomes more intense with the adrenaline, passion and love.
This book is a riveting adventure, filled with murder and mayhem and lots of questions! Who would try to frame Sir Tormand and why? Also why is this murderer so brutal and sadistic? You will have to find out and read this magnificent book. There is also secrets galore, riveting adventure betrayal, plot after plot that makes this story fast paced page turner and a total phenomenal read. Plus love and how this couple comes together which is interesting the rogue and the recluse. I just always love the Murray series as I have been enjoying them for years.

Another fabulous read as Ms. Howell does it again and turns out another magnificent read that should be on film or a cable series. I loved it and highly recommend it!

I was given this book from the publisher and through All ideas and wording are my own.

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