Friday, March 3, 2017

Book: Princess of Fire byHeather Graham
formerly used pen name Shannon Drake

Series: Fire #1

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook -
Tartan Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book

Heat Setting - Hot

Overall Setting - 5/5

Alaric is a powerful, fearless. courageous and brave warrior. He also wants the beautiful princess Fallon. The beautiful woman he saves from certain death. Though she keeps rejecting the handsome enemy warrior. As Alaric is a Viking warrior of William the conquerer and Fallon is the daughter of King Harold of England. Fallon is feisty, gutsy, hot tempered, stubborn, spirited, intelligent and won't put up with rubbish. This book is brilliantly set around Battle of Hastings. Even though  they are enemies that won't stop Alaric who plans on setting her on fire with love and will conquer her.

It is getting more and more difficult to reject this handsome warrior although Fallon is determine remembering he is the enemy and foe. Alaric calling her his slave does not help with him being the enemy Norman. No matter how Fallon reacts and you can't blame her with his name calling. In Alaric's mind Fallon belongs to him period. He plans on making her fall in love period. Fallon feels she should defend her country where Alaric only see’s that as a big betrayal ans her way of revenge.

I found it a little slow moving when they go back and show how Kong Harold becomes King and his back history and how William became the Conquerer ! Though I usually enjoy the back history I found this a bit boring on both sides. Also found Alaric a bit conceited and self centered at times feeling he can get any women he wants. I think why he gets so frustrated with Fallon’s rejection, but seriously whi wants to be called slave and degrading names. In the long run Alaric becomes the hero and is actually a good person as enemies become lovers which makes their love lustful, consuming, amorous, passionate as opposites attract and makes more endearing,

Overall this is a wonderful book and is action filled right from the being inning through the end. There is plenty of history the readers and lovers of history and romance will absolutely love. I highly recommend Alaric and Fallon’s story and try to understand both points of views. The setting is perfection, plots are breathtaking wondering what could possibly happen next and dialogues are absolutely breathtaking. It is a book you won't be able to put down and it absolutely amazing!

It has all the elements historical romance readers  are looking for. It is fast paced, riveting adventure with true history and fictional romance. Plus mystery, suspense, betrayal, forgiveness, passion, love and more. A definitely book you don't want to miss and endure, as it is a book you will want to read more than once. Absolutely loved this novel!

This is a voluntarily advance ereader given by the publisher through NetGalley. All words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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