Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book: Wild Wicked Scot By Julia London
Series: The Highland Grooms,  Book one
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog, Reviewer for Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Heat setting - mild
Overall Setting - 5/5 stars

Spoiled, wealthy and English, Margot Armstrong, always felt she didn't belong in Scotland married to a chieftain. As her father forced her into marrying the Scottish Chieftain, Arran McKenzie when Margot was only 18 years old. As Margot was English and not used to the Scottish Highlands.

Plus being so young she was home sick plus his clan did not make her feel welcome. Most likely her being English but Margot was a bit snobbish too. As she felt she was too good and above everything in the Scottish holdings. She had to admit her husband was rather attractive when he upkept his looks and bathed. Plus he was rather good sexually in the bedroom but it was not enough.

Margot missed home too much and it wasn't long that she ran away to her home and never looked back. Three years later her father returns her to her husband. Her father had no feelings for her marriage but wanted his daughter to spy on her husband and find out if he was Jacobite.

Arran McKenzie was hoping his wife had missed him and Scotland. He was hoping she wanted to heal their marriage and make it work. Then he finds out her father forces his daughter back to her husband. To Arran this was not what he was hoping for at all.

Then the funniest thing happens she develops feelings for her husband. Margot does not want to betray Arran finding he's a good man. Plus she is between a rock and a hard place as the Crown will accuse her father of being a traitor if he doesn't come up with Jacob ite evidence. Plus Margot believes both men are innocent and her husband is investigating why her father sent her back. Arran does not believe it is to heal their broken marriage.

If Arra  digs and finds out the truth will he kick Margot out and find her devious and untrusting. Plus how will this couple ever mend their broken fences!

Another wonderful fast paced riveting adventure that readers will absolutely love. Readers won't be able to put it down and it's a book you won't forget.

I loved it from beginning to end I absolutely loved it and looking forward to rest of the series! It is totally brilliant!

I voluntarily reviewed this book which was given to me by the publisher through All words and ideas and thoughts are my own.

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