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Book: “Trusting a Highlander” by Keira Montclair

Series: (The Soulmate Chronicles Book 1)

Reviewed by: Barb
Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews, Purple Tulip Reviews & Blogger of Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Mild

Overall setting: 5 Kilts

The Scottish Highlands, 15th century

As always another Keira Montclair book I absolutely loved. This is the first book in this new series The Soulmate Chronicles and it is just fabulous. I loved the soulmate and heaven plotlines, plus the storyline of reincarnation cycles. I found it different and refreshing and fell in love with Graeme MacGregor! As if who wouldn't !

Graeme MacGregor is a man who became Laird due to death and tragedy seven years ago. He was just a lad then and now a man! been waiting for revenge and retribution! The time to kill Englishman Henry Merrill and his warriors, woman, children, mother, sister, wife, nephew and heir is now!

Graeme being Laird, has been planning this out for years with his clan and warriors. As it has affected all his brothers in different ways! Especially his young brother Boyd who won't even speak to anyone besides Graeme and has withdrawn from life. As heard Graeme are the only children who wissed his parents and eldest brothers brutal murders by Henry Merrill.

Boyd has PTSD, of course back then no diagnosis or psychologist or therapist to help in the 1500’s. Until a woman named Catherine entered his life. This warm sensitive passionate woman who he meets by Graeme saving her life on Merrill lands. Of course he doesn't realize that she is Henry Merrill’s wife. A woman who hates her husband with a passion! An abusive man who keeps his sick 4 year old daughter Isbeil in the cellar and resents his wife for his not getting it up and for not bearing sons. He beats his wife and never visits his daughter and spreads lies about his own wife.

Catherine's father was just like Englishman Henry Merrill and sold her like an animal and he also bears his wife. The only reason she meets Graeme is she ran away to find a healer for her daughter Isbeil. She has only a few who are called friends at The Merrill Castle and that is her manservant Benneit, maid Dolag. Even Merrill’s sister Margaret and her six year old son are kind and loving and friends to Catherine and her daughter. Unlike his cruel mother which is very much like Henry cruel and wicked.

Catherine Merrill has never trusted and found kindness in men and when she finds this in Graeme MacGregor. A man who is honorable, kind, loving, protective to those he loves and cares about.

Will Graeme forgive Catherine for being the wife of the man he despises more then anyone. Will a clan war start? Can Catherine love a man that wants to kill her husband but even worse wants to kill servants and family members she cares about.

This riveting romantic adventure is absolutely fabulous that you won't be able to put it down. A definite must read in my opinion. I can't wait for the next book in this series, it is absolutely brilliant. Keira Montclair is a magnificent writer as I have loved all her historical series! Her books are so addictive and wonderful. I highly recommend “Trusting a Highlander” a book romance readers will love and if you love Scottish romance even better! Get a copy today!

I voluntarily received an advance copy by Keira Montclair, the talented author. All words, ideas and thoughts are entirely my own.

Trusting a Highlander (The Soulmate Chronicles Book 1) -

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