Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Seventh Son By Ashley York, The Norman Conquest Series, 5 Kilts

Drogheda, Ireland 1075 The Legend goes that the sixth son bears a curse and the seventh son bears a blessing. So when the love of Tadgh McNaughton life is torn from him he believes the legend must be true. This is the brother of Brighit the heroine from book 2 The Gentle Knight. Shortly after Tadgh Father's death he find out the true reason for his father's the Chieftain Padraig MacNaughton he finds out the true reason he broke off his betrothal and cut off being allies with The O'Brien clan. The Cheiftain had been his father's best friend and he had been betrothed to his beautiful daughter since they were children. The girl he loved and the woman he knew he would love and bear his children. Tadgh now knows the reason as he was never given explanation filling bitter and betrayed by all involved. So Tisa's father feeling without the friendship of The McNaughton clan his clan is defenseless. He forces his daughter to marry into the wealthy and ruthless Meic Lochlainn clan and marry the resentful tanist son. When Tadgh decides to make a amends and try to repair the two clans rift, he finds he is too late as the love of his life has married another man to a wealthy clan. Tadgh heart is broken feeling betrayed, but what he doesn't understand things are not always as they appear! Tisa life is destroyed as she marries into a wealthy clan who are heartless and cruel. She marries a man who wants nothing to do to her. Her new husband's father lusts after her and plans to share her with his warriors. The man she loves who was her former betrothed looks like he hates her and wonders what she had done to deserve this awful life she has to live. Plus there are some strange going on in this heartless clan she has married into as they seem to have force the weak and the sick into excite something Tisa can't understand or abide and plans to do anything to help these people even if it means endangering her own existence. To save his clan from starvation Tadgh has to make amend with his former betrothed Tisa's Father's Chieftain O'Brien's clan and then finding out of Tisa's new father-in-law is involved in political treachery, plotting seeing himself as the next high King of Eire, as he is helping the exiled Leofrid Godwin, to over throw the king William of England to achieve this. This where is where Tadge's sister Brighit and Peter her Noman knight husband could be at risk. That is if their sinister plan is executed, but worse he has to torture himself and watch the love of his life with her handsome new tanist husband Darragh. Yet he does not see that things as they truly appear to be. What will it take for him to realize for him to truly open his eyes and see what is true and what is false? Will he ever be able to open his heart again to another? Is Tisa to face a life in fear of others and in misery forever? Can time heal all wounds? Readers of The Norman Conquest series will enjoy seeing all the main couples from the previous books which is alway so much fun to visit. If you haven't read the other books you can still read as a stand alone book too. I have truly enjoyed this entire series immensely but I think this is my favorite book yet. Totally Brilliant! Have your box of tissues this one is a heartbreaker but really a fabulous read! OMG! Ashley York has outdone herself this time, about a couple whose love seems to be torn into shreds, because of traitors and others political aspirations not mentions in dangerous situations and abuse. Tisa life seems to be headed in a fast paced vicious cycle that is out of control seems to be getting worse by the minute. Riveting storyline, dialogue and highly emotional, filled with betrayal, selfishness, forgiveness, treachery, brutality, forgiveness and love. Definitely one you don't want to miss *** I received this Ebook copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through*** The Noman Conquest series by Ashley York 1)The Saxon Bride 2)The Gentle Knight 3)The Irish Warrior 4)The Seventh Son

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