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Scotland, 1443, 15th century
America,  2014, 21st century

 Sky Elizabeth Mackintosh, the eldest daughter of the  Laird of Clan MacKintosh and Earl of Fife of Loch Moigh. She has traces of fae blood and fae powers where she can feel what other  people are feeling can tell a lie to the truth As all he women in her family and line have these fae power though in different strains of it as all their powers differ. Sky Elizabeth, has arrived at the man she has been betrothed to since birth, feels nothing for it's an arranged marriage not unusual for this time period especially for the nobility. The marriage is for financial gain and lands which will become her husband's once they are wed, Sky would rather stay at Loch Moigh on her families lands forever to become a healer or a weaver and remain unwed as she wants no bairns ever! She feels her gifts are both a blessing and a curse as they have to keep their powers secret and  hidden in these difficult times. For women have little choices as men make all the decisions and could be burned for witchery or sorcery if the fae powers in The Macintosh women were ever found out! This is the main reason she has no desire to deliver children into this world with such a heavy burden to be dealt with.

Still feeling unsettled as she arrived at her betrothed home, Sir Oliver of clan Erskine at Kildummy Castle, and then is horrified to learn on a conversation she eavesdrops on between her betrothed, Oliver and his lover his future plans to murder her after they have been married for a year!  His evil plan to murder and manipulate Sky just for her wealth and land has her so terrorized by what she heard Sky sneaks to find her father and brother on horseback!  Riding for her life on her horse at breakneck speed, fearing they know she was listening to Oliver's evil plan, Sky is thrown from her horse and is thrown right into a time portal, which lands her in the lap of a gorgeous blonde Knight,  in the middle of a jousting tournament! Except one thing - Sky is now in 21st century! New York,  in the year 2014 and the middle of a medieval festival!

Struan Sutherland, her Knight knows exactly what Sky Elizabeth just experienced and why she is so frightened! This so called  Knight, Struan, ironically is also a time traveler, he too came to the future ten years prior at the young age of fourteen. Struan was in the middle of a battle that killed his sire, would of killed him too if he hadn't jumped in the portal! This scares him to death as he feels this is some type of omen telling him he's been  living on borrowed time?

Staring at this beautiful armful stirs all kinds of emotions and memories , so he brings her to his foster family,  who adopted him all those years ago. Braun is attracted to her instantly,  took Sky in though what he feels for her is anything but sisterly! Yet when he finds out she is an Earls daughter all those old feelings of bitterness, pique, animosity and envy cone flying back. All due to being born in the wrong side of the blanket the bastard son of the Earl of Sutherland! The brings back his tortured childhood memories in full force and how half brothers and sires wife had bullied him and treated him like scum!

He knows in this time it's the perfect life for him as he has a fine black smith business owns land and has a decent bank account. Nobility doesn't even exist in America plus in this time no one cares if you are legitimate or not, as no one  labels you by your birth. He knows in the past he will only be seen as the bastard son of an Earl? He will never be good enough to touch Sky, a legitimate Earl's daughter! Struan won't be permitted  anywhere near her, definitely will never be allowed to court his precious princess as he affectionally call's Sky!

Sky knows if she does not return home it will cause bloodshed and a clan war and besides missing her kin. She also does not want to leave Struan since opening her heart to him. Yet she does not want him to leave his wonderful life in the 21st century, knowing how dangerous the past can be. Plus the fact Struan is keeping a secret from Sky she is not aware of and either way someone is going to end with a broken heart!

Can Sky's chivalrous blond knight turn his back on his Princess? Can Struan leave his loving 21st century foster family, the family he had always wished and dreamed about in the 14th century but never had? Plus he promised The Gordon's his foster family who took him and  have loved treated him like a blood son for the past decade that he would never leave! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, what will Struan choose? Could it be possible that both Sky and Struan will end up with their young tender hearts destroyed broken to pieces? What truly devastating and difficult decisions Sky and Struan need to make!  To find the answers and more I recommend you read this magnificent and astounding read.

Wow! Wow Wow! Feuding Clans, missing Laird's daughter and heiress, time portals, landing in gorgeous Scots lap,  racing against time to prevent bloodshed! Star crossed lovers that readers will root and cheer they accomplish a happily-ever-after!

As Barbara Longley does it again in her fourth novel of her wonderful best selling Loch Moigh series! It is another exhilarating, fast paced, page turning, riveting, time-travel adventure, with characters that glide off the pages and right into your heart!  Fans of the Loch Moigh series, do not want miss it, if you are new to the series - not to worry as you can easily read "The Highlander's Vow" as a stand alone book as well. Another unforgettable shelf keeper that had me glued to my seat, I read in a day as I simply could not put this book down!

Highly recommend "The Highlander's Vow"by Barbara Longley and hope she continues to write more novels for the magnificent "Loch Moigh" series as I absolutely love them all!

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The Novels of Loch Moigh by Barbara Longley

1. True to the Highlander
2. TheHighlander's Bargain
3. The Highlander's Folly
4. The Highlander's Vow

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