Sunday, April 24, 2016

Much Ado About Highlanders by May McGoldrick, book 1 in The Scottish Relic Trilogy 5 Kilts

Western Coast of Scotland, 1544 A beautifully written story about a second chance romance. In this story the is about the independent willful outspoken Kenna MacKay. Who didn't like the idea of her heartless father who never paid any attention or affection until he could barter her off for the good of the Clan and marry her off to the best alliance. In this case is was The Macpherson Clan. So Kenna had been making plans to runaway and of course her new husband going to a harlot's bed the on her wedding night just made he her plan ideal. She ran away to the priory feeling safe with the nuns learns the art of healing. She had been in the village to help midwife with a local mother at a birthing and afterward she and her cousin are kidnapped! The kidnapping was for Kenna's cousin Emily, whose father stole a Macpherson ship the plan was to ransom Emily! The irony is she is Kenna is kidnapped by her own husband, highland warrior Alexander MacKay! The couple are like oil and vinegar at first both having been estranged, betrayed, hurt and resentful, but soon realize that this arranged marriage is more then that. Soon the course changes and the sparks fly and passions ignite. Plus there is a secret magical healing relic stone passed down from the women in Kenna's family she only recently learned about and has not shared with anyone. This also puts a target of Kenna's back and in danger, as there are treacherous villain's searching for her and will do anything to obtain this relic stone! These villains will murder, maim and kill the ones she loves to obtain this power, to use for evil and darkness! So danger lurks everywhere and the only one who can save and protect her is her highland warrior husband, they dint kill each other first and iron out all their differences and truly open their hearts! A beautiful enchanting, fast paced riveting magical story that will leave readers totally spellbound. I love stories about second chances in love. Another beautifully written story by May McGoldrick the will take your breathe away as the characters will slide off the pages and right into your heart! May McGoldrick new series the Highland Relic Trilogy is absolutely spectacular! It's a historical novel with some paranormal aspects and so much fun to read. Readers will fall in love with the braw highlander Alexander Macpherson is charming, witty, brave, honorable and everything that will make a lass swoon! You can read this as a stand alone of course especially since it's a first in this new magnificent trilogy. If your like me you have been reading May McGoldrick's books for many years you will love to revisit with some familiar characters. Like Alexander's parents Alec and Fiona from "Angel of Skye", Tess and Colin, from "Tess and the Highlander" both from the Macpherson Clan series. I was exhilarated as this is a favorite series of mine ! I love the MacPherson family, so I was thrilled to hear of this new Scottish Relic Series was being released! I can't recommend it enough and can't wait for the next one coming out this summer! Be prepared to fall in love, I know I did! The Scottish Relic Trilogy by May McGoldrick 1) Much Ado About Highlander - TBR May 3, 2016 2) Taming The Highlander - TBR August 2016 ***I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review through***

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