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Rebel Warrior by Regan Walker Book #3 Medieval Warrior series 5 Kilts


This is the third book is Regan Walker's Medieval Warriors series which is absolutely captivating  has all the elements readers love the read about being. Rebel Warrior is beautifully layered with with true historic figures, facts and authentic history of Scotland woven into her own creative and intriguing fictional story! These are my favorite combinations in reading Scottish historical romance and I always find some true historical facts I never knew  or was not aware of. For me that makes this book even more special and fascinating to read about.

Rebel warrior has lovable and swoon worthy characters that will glide right off the pages and straight into the readers heart!  Besides the main characters Catrìona and Steinar, the secondary characters and their stories were magnificent! The handsome Welsh bard, Rhodri, Cartrìona's cousin Fia, her brother Niall, Queen Margaret, King Malcolm, Colbán, Captain of the Kings Guard, Audra, one the Queen Margarets Ladies, and adorable orphan Giric  and you can't help but fall in love in with! Each character has a story of their own , but they all bring something to the table per say with their own contributions to this fabulous story.

All in all this book is spectacular, riveting adventure quick paced and one of those rare books you can't book down! Absolutely loved Rebel Warrior Warrior!
I highly recommend Rebel Warrior by Regan Walker book 3 in her Medieval Warriors series if you haven't read her previous books it is fine too as you can read as a stand alone book as well.

Scotland 1072-1072

The Story begin as the heroine of the story Catrìona of the Vale of Leven had been out with her guard Angus flying her Falcon when Northman come and murder her parents and devastated and brutally murdered, raped and destroyed every living soul including her father Cormac, Mormaer of the Vale of Leven and her mother had been raped and murdered the only one's that survived were the younger women they kidnapped including her handmaiden Deidre. They took or slaughtered everything and burned her father's ship and their home to the ground. Luckily her younger brother Niall was out with his bow and arrows and was also spared and her Uncle Domnall arrived later that day and took his niece amd nephew in as they no longer had anything everything taken or destroyed this brutal attack.

A year later her Uncle brings Fia, Niall and she to Scottish court of King Malcolm where Fia and Catrìona becomes ladies maids to Queen Margaret still having nightmeres fro her families attack and has lost her faith in God. On top of that she is betrayed the man she was supposed to be betrothed to her father had chosen. He chooses the new rich heiress ladies maid who is not very friendly or charitable and won't even listen to the Queens orders.  A match made in heaven as far as Catrìona is concerned, not realizing this man still thinks he can have her in bed!

Even before she see's his true colors Catrìona is attracted to the King's  gorgeous golden scribe with a warriors body who befriends her and is none other, but Serena, from The Red Wolf's Prize brother Steinar. He had been exiled to Scotland while his near death injury is healing he secretly practices with his sword.  He is instantly attracted and falls in love with the beautiful spit fire Catrìona and reminding  him of his adventurous and independent sister.  Also it pains him the know he was once a son of thegn and a warrior, but now as far as classes go he is way beneath her being only the Kings scribe! It will break his heart to watch her marry another with nothing to offer her like lands and even a home! Then after a heroic act and he is surprisingly offered lands and a wife by the King, but find out the King has promised Catrìona to the Captain of his Guards. Steinar is heartsick but can't stay away from the lass . The Queen knowing what a forced marriage feels like suggests to her husband they watch her and pick the man she favors, the king still undecided  but agrees. To the King it is all about alliance love can come later, but the Queen understands what a forced marriage can feel like.

As for King Malcolm he often like to play a tug a war with William the Conquerer kind of playing a game of catch me if you can raiding Northumbria often. William wants the King of Scots lands and is furious at Malcolm  for taking in all the exiled English rebels. As the Conquerer wanted Scotland no
 doubt something Malcolm would never give, but it was a dangerous game Malcolm was playing as soon or later William would retaliate and conquer! After all he earned the name William the Conquerer for a reason!

I loved the  secondary stories in this book involved secrets, secret identities, unrequited love, betrayal, orphan boys whose family was also murdered, and more. If your an animal lover like me you will love the scenes with Catrìona's trained Falcon and Giric's dog feeding him scraps secret under the Kings table. Also his admiration for Steinar and love for Catrìona.

Now you have to wonder will Catriona and Steinar be forced to marry others and be separated forever? Will Catrìona ever be at peace without finding her parents murderers and will her tormented nightmares and terrors stay with her forever?  Will William the Conquerer get his ultimate revenge and ravage and rape  Scotland as he has done in England?  What will Giric do without having Cateiona and Steinar around once they are forced to marry others and move away? Will he feel abandoned once again? Will Catrìona  ever find out what happened to her handmaiden Deirdre or will she never know and always wonder? This and so many more questions as you must reads this remarkable story about this star crossed couples destiny set in a beautiful Scottish setting with awesome dialogue and riveting plotlines. Even the secondary characters have there own conflicts and stories that need to be resolved, which I find is rare in most stories only focusing on the two main characters. I fell a little in love with the secondary character of the Welsh bard, and leader of archers Rhodri myself...sigh

A remarkable story that wilł stay with you long after you have read it definitely going on my keeper shelf! I can't recommend it enough!

Medieval Warriors Series by Regan Walker

1.The Red Wolf's Prize
2.The Rogue Knight
3.Rebel Warrior - TBR May 17th
4.King's Knight - TBA 2016

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