Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roses Among the Heather by Anna Markland, Book three, Caledonia Series, 5 Kilts

England, 1465

This book is about the story of twin bothers Blair and Craig Robertson being forced to marry report to New Castle as part of the day of the end of The War of the Roses treaty. This decreed by King Edward and a Bishop who looks like thier long dead Uncle Ducan, who died of drowning thirty years prior. It is determined they are both to take English wives Susanna Glazebrooke and Timothea Bradshawe.

The twin brothers are less then thrilled by this knowledge at least they are at first. The woman who both are widows, coming from bad marriages are even less then thrilled to marry these strangers, who happen to be barbaric Scots!  Yet the brothers will do anything for the good of the Clan! As common practice for this time period in history  to secure alliances between countries,  the answer often  was a political marriage.

On top of that the women seem to detest each other. So definitely this journey back to Scotland is going to have to tread lightly as their definitely going to hit some rough waters. Besides having a rough journey back to Scotland with fires, downing and horrid weather conditions.

This is a fast paced riveting adventure meaty novella close to two hundred pages plus lined with true historical details which is always a favorite of mine. Plus filled with mystery, suspense, time-travel, emotion, laughter, magical elements, passion and finally true love. A delightful truly magical read!

This is the third book in Anna Mackland's Caledonia series you can read alone or in book order. So for readers who have read the previous books they will be happy to revisit some of those characters in this book too.

I recieved this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.com.

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