Monday, January 4, 2016

Enchantment of a Highlander by Madeline Martin release date 1/19/2016 5 Kilts

Madeline Martin does it again with another marvelous unique storyline about Celia, a shy healer  with a tragic past and new Laird Alec MacLean , who is replacing his cruel father who had the reputation of brutality and cruelty. What a pair and also an awesome fox named Ruadh! 

Isle of Mull, 1608

Laird Alec MacLean returns to a place he had abandoned for many years.  He has has come back but fears he might have the darkness inside him just like his Da why he does not take part in drinking spirit. As he saw first hand how it turned his Da the former Laird, into  an evil, selfish and violent man. A man that let his lands and castle go to ruin and his people starve. Alec wanted to make it up to his people ,but first he had to get rid of these outlaws wrecking havoc on his people and his lands, which is when he meets the beautiful healer Celia. His adoptive son, Duncan, an orphan he had been caring since childhood gets deathly ill, which puts his beautiful healer under his roof for a period. This opens Celia's heart and to feel what she has missed her entire life having the love of a family. Many parts of this book really pulled on my heartstrings so have some kleenex nearby.

Celia is a loner due to her tragic past yet there are some who call her a witch which is the worse thing one can call  a healer. Also the reason Celia won't let anyone close to her to love or be loved. As Celia saw first hand that long her can cost some their very lives as she has been hunted by on mad man for years who want wants her burned at a stake and dead. The problem is the closer she gets to Alec the closer the realty  her worse nightmare from coming true. How can Alec even protect her? He doesn't even have an army of men to back him up? Plus Celia saw once before when she opened her heart to love how one she loved died protecting her. Yet sooner or later as hard as she tries her heart opens once again and not just to only Alec by Duncan the orphaned adolescent that Alec has been caring for and even his hugging cook. 

You can see the love between Alec and Celia no matter how much she tries to deny it and put Alec at arms length and the passion between them just sizzles off the pages . Then there is the madman's mean and spoiled daughter who has been obsessed with Alec since childhood and thinks a love potion will make Alec love her? It is a fast moving adventure with many twists and turns that will have readers at the edge of the their seats wondering what will happen next. I being an animal lover loved her other protector Ruadh the fox! 

As Madeline's other books her debut Deception of a Highlander and Possession of a Highlander, I loved Enchantment of a Highlander just as much and highly recommend. I know Ms. Martin is planning a new series next but I hope sometime in the future she might think of writing a book about Duncan all grown up. I think it would be an interesting and fun read. 

This book will be released on January 19th 2016 and pre-order is available now.

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