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The Chieftain's Daughter by Frances Housden 5 Kilts

Wow!Wow! Wow! This story just swept me away and definitely touched my heart! This is the fifth book in Frances Housden wonderful acclaimed Chieftain series. Frances does it again another powerful  heartfelt read! I love when true history is blended in with the authors fictional romance, to me a history junkie that's my favorite combination in my reads! Truly a beautiful tale that reader won't forget.

Scotland, 1106

This is a story about love at second sight....

Sometime if you side with the wrong King you loose everything even though a relative  as was the case with our heroe Dhugal Robertson Skene. He starts off as a broken man watching over his precious home, the Skene keep, setting traps for interlopers and scaring away potential new owners. This is how he first meets our heroine Maggie MacAuthor, The Chieftain's daughter. This lass never took up feminine ways for her status learning embroidery, sewing, dinner menus or one day becoming mistress of a castle. She can wield a sword better then most men and her father the laird taught her how to protect and take care of herself, she also doesn't wear beautiful gowns but leather trews and a short short jacket with her long beautiful hair tucked in a bonnet. This is how Dhugal first met Maggie thinking she was a lad and due to a misstep he stumbles and she actually draws first blood. When her beautiful long hair falls out of the bonnet realizing she is a lass not a lad!  He only wanted to scare her away from Skene lands. He is horrified he has been fighting with a lass and more then embarrassed she bested him due to his stumble once he realized she was a lass.

Maggie find herself immediately attracted to Dhugal and feels guilty for wounding him and delays her stay until he is healed. The attraction and feeling turns to love very quickly and as she is about to return to her clan shortly bit Dhugal realized Maggie's life is in danger by someone who actually works for her father the Laird MacAuthor and will do anything to protect the woman he loves even leaving Skene lands something he would never have though he would ever do. He tells this threat they are handfasted.

Maggie had been men paraded before her as potential husbands all she refused she couldn't imagine falling in love and giving up her virginity until she meets Dhugal a good honest man who has lost everything but he also feels he is not good enough for Maggie not even having a home of his own. His family is spread all over Scotland to make sure they all had food in their bellies and a roof over there head.  Maggie's does not care, but Dhugal will not lose his pride and be taken care or winning Skene back by Maggie's family and having the present Kings's ear and their high status.

In the beginning Dhugal's ancestor the first Laird of Skene won the land by protecting the then King from a wolf attack  with a sgian-dubh ( small knife), but he knows nothing that dramatic in an act of heroism is about to present itself to him. Will he leave Maggie after a year and a day as long as no issues come out of their time together? Dhugal feels he is not good enough for Maggie even though he loves her more then anything in the world. Will he leave and break her heart? Will Maggie's family and her elevated status as a Chieftain's daughter even allow such an uneven match between the two lovers? You will have to read this riveting book in a beautiful Scottish historic setting, full of adventure, action, mystery, suspense, drama, passion, love and surprises and more to find out!  

I loved seeing previous characters from previous books in this story too. If you are a new reader to Ms. Housden books no worries you can read as a stand alone book too. I just find it more fun and kind of like a family reunion seeing other beloved characters from her previous books in this magnificent Chieftain series. I love, love, loved this book and I can't wait and look forward to reading Chieftain's Rebel which will be released in March 2016. Also there is an excerpt in this book to get a sneak preview.

I highly recommend  this wonderful book "The Chieftain's Daughter" by Frances Housden another novel for the keeper shelf as far as I am concerned. Happy Reading! BM

1.The Chieftain's Curse
2. The Chieftain by Command
3. The Cheiftain's
4. Chieftain in the Making
5. The Chieftain's Daughter
6. Chieftain's Rebel **TBR in March 2016**

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