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Highland Spitfire (Highland Weddings) by Mary Wine TBR 2/2/2016 5 Kilts

This is why Earl of Morton the current King's Regent has demanded an alliance and marriage between  Ailis Robertson and Bhalic MacPherson or all will be executed! Both daughter and son of Laird's whose Clans have been at war for generations and know only how to hate and fight and kill another. Of course they soon realize they have no choice in the matter as the Earl of Morton,  has set a bloodbath in motion if all the Highlander's don't agree as noose's are set plus he has a guns pointed on them all. Plus all their The King's Regent men are crack shot assassin's ,who wont miss their target! Of course both Ailis and Bhalic know they have no choice, but to marry, which horrifies both Laird's as well as their offspring. This is to keep the peace between the Clans. Ailis and Bhalic think they can outsmart everyone by not consummating the marriage, by tricking the Earl with some trickles of blood, and figure they will all be forgotten in a year and can get an annulment. Ahem....things do not always go according to plans or do they?"

The young couple start to feel for each other which scares them both and then some good old jealousy on May Day puts Bhalic back into the game wanting to claim his bride. He then finally brings her home to MacPherson Castle, but not all are happy to see a hated Robertson under their roof. What Ailis has to deal with you can't help but feel for the young bride. Bhalic still has not consummated their marriage as he wants to do it on his terms as feelings develop and he wants to woo his wife on his terms. Although not all are happy about it especially Bhalic's brother, Marcos who feels she can spy and run back to Robertson lands and reveal all their secrets. Bhalic defends Ailis's honor and possibly her life as there is another who would like Ailis to wife even if it means making her a widow first!

Spectacular read and so much fun to read about how Ailis and Bhalic finally learn to let go of their Clan hatred and open their hearts and trust each other . Yet will this villain ruin all the peace between clans not to mention murder the one man who Ailis cares for? I also love when true historical facts are blended in the author's fictional story. Truly a magnificent tale that has all the elements readers love in a Scottish historical romance that will capture every readers heart! I can't wait for the next book in this spectacular new  series with captivating  characters that come to life on the pages in a beautiful Scottish setting that will take your breath away!

I have been reading Mary Wine books since her debut and she always writes such vibrant superbly written beautiful stories with  powerful twisting plots, passionate characters, villains that make your blood boil, in a perfect setting  that will leave readers not only satisfied but wanting more!

I can't recommend  this spectacular book "Highland Spitfire" ( Highland Weddings) by Mary Wine enough! I was  totally absorbed in the story I read it in a day, I could not put this exceptional book down! Pre-orders are available now and will be released on February 2, 2016.

***I was given this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through***

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