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The Duke By Kerrigan Byrne. Victorian Rebels series #4. 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb says Kerrigan wrote another captivating read!

Book: The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Series: Victorian Rebels #4

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
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Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5 Stars/5 Kilts

London 1876

Collin “Cole” Talmage Is the Duke of Trewyth, had been the English Empire's favored son. That is until tragedy hits home and his family is killed! This is how Collin gains the title of Duke of Trewyth. On top of that someone he trusted and called friend betrays him! In battle this so called friend leaves him close to death on the battlefield! He is one move forward not dwell on the past. Now he'd prepared to fight for the battle of his life!

Imogen  “Ginny” Pritchard is an attractive lass who works in the hospital by Day and in the evening works as a serving maid at a bordello/ bawdy house/ alehouse/tavern.  She is determined to pay off her father gambling debts. So her mother and sister don’t have to go to debtor's prison.

Cole meets the poverty stricken lass, who is trying to keep her mother and sister out of the poor house. Paying off her deceased father's gambling debts.

The chemistry between Colin and Ginny is immediate. As Ginny sees sorrow in Collin’s face and Collin sees her beauty and wants to forget. Ginny pleads with the Bordello owner at the Bare Kitten Gin and Dance Club to refuse this offer! As she does not want to become any man's whore plus she's an innocent, a virgin!

Though it would pay off a huge part of her father's gambling debt.  Collin and Ginny do spend the night together. Though it will be many years until they see each other again. As Collin was captured in battle and became a prisoner of war. He becomes a battle scarred warrior both inside and out.

Collin does try to locate Ginny after his release, yet he doesn't realize she was wearing a disguise and using a fake name. As she was the only bright light in his memory it all the years in prison.

Ginny is still now working as a nurse by day as a nurse  and at the bordello/alehouse at night. Now Collin has been deeply injured in battle and is shocked to see Ginny again. Though this time as his nurse, The nurse who saved his life! Ginny has moved up in the world having  married a titled man who is now deceased. She is now a countess and wants to help others, especially the less fortunate. Ginny has a lot of compassion coming from a background of poverty and abuse. Where Collin coming from a privileged background has a lot of prejudice.

I didn't always like this hero but he redeemed himself. Plus he is also suffering  plus he struggling with PTSD and more. His behavior is very common for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth- the wealthy and titled. Will these two opposite meet on a common ground? Or will they go their separate ways with separate lives? Plus there are secrets and betrayals the make things rather interesting You will have to read this magnificent story and finds out.

Another spectacular Kerrigan Byrne read! She has that special spin that always touches my heart. I have been reading her since her debut as an independent author. Now a brilliant published author and I have loved every book! Kerrigan is one of my favorite authors as I always get caught up and lost in her lush riveting romantic adventures. I can never put her novels down! Always a delight to read from start to finish!

I am always excited to see what Kerrigan Byrne will be writing next! Book 5 is called “The Scot Beds His Wife” to be released October 3rd.I can't wait to read and blog about it. I absolutely love this series! Kerrigan is one of the most powerful authors in historical romance!
Victorian Rebels Series
by Kerrigan Byrne

1.The Highwayman
2. The Hunter
3. The Highlander
4. The Duke
5. The Scot Beds His Wife (To be released October 3rd)

I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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