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How To Lose A Highlander by Michelle McLean. The MacGregor Lairds Series. Five Kilts. New Author for Celtic Barb the she absolutely loved!

Book: How To Lose A Highlander
By Michelle McLean
Series: The MacGregor Lairds
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook [of]
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Overall Rating: 5/Stars- 5/Kilts

The Campbells and The MacGregor have been feuding and  been enemies  for generations. Both accusing the other of horrendous crimes from raiding, stealing livestock to abducting farmers daughters! Laird Campbell's has had enough and petitions the Kings to settle   as he wants King Charles to settle this rival and answer for his crimes. He demands his daughter Sorcha to attend at his side hoping to catch the King’s  eye if possible. Sorcha won't play the whore but she is not against some innocent flirtation to distract the King and persuade him on their side. The problem is he has become fast friends with the outlawed MacGregors! As they they helped him and became fast friends with their Laird on his recent exile and fall from grace. What Cambell does know is MacGregor found a couple Campbells.

The night before the hearing with the King is a masked ball and Sorcha find herself attracted to a masked man. The man was also attracted to this beautiful creature and they had a little interlude and shared a passionate kiss. The attraction and chemistry in instant. Then after pthe hearing she feels betrayed seeing the man from the masquerade ball is non other than her father's enemy Laird Malcolm MacGregor!

The two Chiefs start squabbling and accusing each othe of many crimes. The King has heard enough and found only one solution. That is a forced marriage between Sorcha Campbell and  Malcolm MacGregor. Laird Campbell is appalled feeling no man is good enough for her only daughter. Especially a MacGregor his enemy and his family for generations! Then he worries if MacGregor would take his hate out on his daughter and abuse her physically. MacGregor promised he would never. When Sorcha hears this new she is devastated until her maid comes up with a man of how to this lose this highlander. Yes she had to marry him put there are ways to get out of the marriage that does not include murder. The one thing she cannot do is consummate the marriage so she can declare him incompetent and can get an annulment. As Malcolm's dear cousin John also says to seeks an annulment by declaring Sorcha insane.

Will two people so attracted to each other be able to go through with these deceitful  plans? Yet, as they get to know each other they realize the hateful image they had of each other is not true at all. As they soon find out they are each others soul mate, fate and destiny.  They might possibly go their separate ways, after being brainwashed and conditioned to think of each other in a tarnished light. Will they be  brave enough to take a chance possibly on love?

Will they have this  marriage null and void? Will their beating hearts become entangled or beat as one? Will all this deceit just turn into heartbreak and betrayal? You will have to read this phenomenal read to find out, I highly recommend it!

This is my first book author Michelle McLean which is absolutely spectacular! I was totally captivated and mesmerized from start to finish. It is a fast paced page turner that I just could not put down.

It is filled with all the elements Scottish historical romance readers love. This novel will leave you breathless, with a storyline that has so many twists and turns - not knowing what  could happen could possibly happen next.

“How To Lose A Highlander” by Michelle McLean  is absolutely brilliant! I can’t recommend this book enough! I can hardly wait for the next book in “The MacGregor Lairds” series!

***Disclamer- I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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