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Forbidden Night with the Warrior By Michelle Willingham. Warriors of the Night, Book #1, Five Kilts! Celtic Barb Love Love this book plus dedication holds a special place in my heart ♥

Book:Forbidden Night with the Warrior by Michelle Willingham

Series: Warriors of the Night, Book 1

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)

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2)Administrator of Tartan Book Reviews
3)Administrator of Purple Tulip Book Reviews

Heat Rating: Smoking Steaming Hot!!!

Overall Rating: Five Stars and Five Kilts

1174, England.

This story is about heroine, Rosamund de Beaufort- De Courcy, the hero is - Warrick De Laurent. They are star crossed lovers to the core. Sadly the stars are not in this couple’s favor!  Both have cruel fathers .. as it is love at first sight.

You can't help, but have empathy for Warrick, whose own father issues torture lashing punishment for his involvement with Rosamund!  As Harold De Beaufort orders the same flogging! This is to force Rosamund to accept his choice of husband, Baron Alan De Courcy. As Rosamund is deeply in love with Warrick De Laurent! Harold threatens the death of Warrick, the man she loves and forces her to watch his brutal thrashing! She has no choice but to accepts her father's terms to save the man she loves life!

Even though Warrick is from a noble family, his father leaves only his brother and sister lands and holdings. Believing his step-mother’s lies  that Warrick is mentally impaired! This is due to his reaction to his baby sister’s death! So he receives nothing, yet he wants lands and holding and respect on his own terms. His life has been that of a soldier and a warrior.

Three years later: Warrick still loves Rosamund even after her severe betrayal!  He does not realize or understand the position and threats her father made to her. Basically using her as a pawn to do his bidding. Forcing Rosamund to watch his flogging...she would do anything to save his life!

Rosamund’s husband Alan De Courcy is dying. Over the years  Alan has tried everything to keep her happy, now she loves him like a brother or a dear friend. Never that deep, passionate, all consuming love, like she had for Warrick.

The problem is if they don't conceive a child soon his wastrel evil brother Owen, will inherit Pevensham holding, lands and its people! He will abuse its people, plus everything Alan has worked for will be destroyed. As Owen's own holding is destroyed and due to his  excessive evil ways and his creditors want repayment!

Owen is extremely  desperate and  wants his brothers estates, title, lands, and even his beautiful wife now!  Now he has made a proposition to Warrick to murder his own brother! What Owen doesn't know is Alan also has made a proposition, but it's quite different.

Alan wants Warrick to conceive a child with his wife and pass it off as his own . This way he would have an heir and be protected from Owen and his evil shenanigans. Alan is aware Warrick is the only man Rosamund has ever wanted. Plus he knows he impregnated Rosamund before,  a stillborn. Though Warrick is not aware of this pregnancy or the loss of this child. Plus Alan wants a marriage between the two so Rosamund is protected too.

On top of this upheaval some of Alan’s own soldier are switching sides and betraying Alan. Feeling his death and no heir in site. Many are doing Owen’s bidding so there is threats and danger at every corner!

Rosamund is no adulterous and wants nothing to do with her husband’s airborne crazy scheme! Warrick thought this would be a perfect revenge on the woman who  broke his heart.

Though he still feel he's her first and only legitimate marriage, though no witnesses. As they said vows three years ago in a church- before they consummated their marriage. They thought this would force Rosamund’s father to accept their union. They were sadly mistaken and only made Harold rush to give her away to another man, who had better prospects in her father's opinion!

When Rosamund and Warrick both confront each other with a slight innocent ignites an all consuming fire that never went away. Feelings buried away for the past three years come back to the surface!  

What will Rosamund and Warrick do? Will they do as her husband requested or part ways forever? Is this a second chance reunion or more devastation, betrayal and heartbreak? This is an absolute must read to find the answers and more!

Have your tissues or hankies nearby, as this quick paced, moving romantic adventure pulls heavy on your heartstrings. It's a major page turner that readers won't be able put down!

I have read every single Michelle Willingham book and they only get better. She is one of the most talented writers in the historical romance genre, the only genre I read. It doesn't matter if it's Scottish, Irish, or regency historical all her novels are supreme phenomenal reads from start to finish.

Always well developed with unforgettable characters , brilliant scenes, magnificent dialogue and breathtaking settings!

This novel is a riveting, romantic, adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, assassination plots,  suspense, murder, flogging, drama and passion. It is so steamy and hot it will make readers drool. Plus betrayal, treachery, hatred, torture, loathing, sibling rivalry, jealousy, and at long last love. As Ms. Willingham pens another heart melting best seller that will make your pulse race. Plus magnificent plotting that you're holding your breath with anticipation not knowing what could possibly happen next!

I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

Michelle Willingham

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