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Maiden from the Mist By Tanya Anne Crosby. Guardians of the Stone, book #4 , 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb absolutely loved the finale of this exhilarating series!

Book: Maiden from the Mist
By Tanya Anne Crosby

Series: Guardians of the Stone, Book #4

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook

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Heat Rating - Mild

Overall Rating - 5 Stars/5 Kilts

Scotia, 1136
Dunrònai Keep

The hero of this story is Laird Caden MacSwein . He was always proud of his great, great-grandsire halberd called the beast. It was a weapon made of thirty-three inches of iron and steel, six feet long and weighing two stone! That was until one fatal day, Beast accidentally took the life of his last living sibling, his brother,  Thirteen year old-Wee Davy. Caden would've protected him with every inch of his life! He wasn't even supposed to be on the battlefield!

This totally destroyed Caden which instantly gave him conversion disorder also known as hysterical blindness. As there was no real reason for his blindness just his grieving and broken heart. Plus It was just the shock and consuming him with guilt. There was nothing he could do to save his baby brother. Seasoned warriors would of moved out of the Beasts way. Yet Wee Davy had no battle experience, he was supposed to be inside the keep to keep safe. Not proving himself to be a mon!

On top of everything, if Caden was killed, they would have Wee Davy, his heir to run the clan. It never happened he took his head though he never saw it drop. As at that very moment he went blind! Than after that he became blind and believing he was damned by the Gods! As the months went by Caden become a shell of the man he was. He let his keep go, no longer protecting or caring for his people and just living in self pity, with major guilt and grief. The one who cares is his Captain and best friend and first in command is Alec.

The Destiny Stone shatters, Sorcha Dún Scoti is heartbroken as Una healer, seer and wise magic woman of the clan is gone! She was the eldest protector of the Destiny Stone! This woman was like a mother to all the dún Scoti siblings. Yet for Sorcha she was the closest to her, as Una had raised her. In addition Sorcha seemed to have inherited  some of her seer gifts as well. So the keek stone, gift of sight  and grimoire which is book of spells, magic and healing instructions were left to Sorcha. The Stone, The dún Scoti clan, the last painted ones Pict tribe had been protecting the destiny Stone since the clan’s existence. Sorcha refused to believe her beloved Una is gone forever and is on a mission to find her! Plus her clan breaks her heart from secrets and lies. To find out your sire is the monster that raped and killed your mother!  Plus she always felt something of a burden so she escapes the vale and finds her destiny in the mist.

Now she knows how to cover her tracks so she won't be found. The thing is not only her beloved dún Scoti members are searching for her, so is her sire who never knew of her existence until now. Sorcha is in danger as her evil sire will use and abuse her to get her to do his wicked bidding. As long as it enhances his greed and lines his pockets with gold.

Alec gets a visit from an elderly woman telling him to expect Sorcha looking for passage. This beautiful  lass will appear from the mist, she  comes on the day the bright destiny star appeared. This Star hasn't appeared since baby Jesus was born.

Of course Sorcha is thrilled that Alec gives her passage and when she appears out of the mist. Yet when she doesn't wake up in her destination, but locked in what she thinks is a prison with a naked man she is first. Caden does not believe she can heal him or the folklore stories of some old crone! Though Sorcha is a woman he can't see with his eye, but starts to love with his heart. She gives his people hope from old stories and folklore.

Than when Caden realizes his beloved Sorcha is in danger, for this maid from the mist can't be saved by a blind man! No matter how fearsome he might be or can he? For the first time is Sorcha's life she feels needed and accepted by this clan. Will her demon father take her away forever. Will he kill the man and clan she has started to love? How she wishes now she hadn't covered her tracks so well. So her dún Scoti family back at the Vale could rescue them. Will Caden be blind forever? Will he and his clan even  survive on his remote island? Will the destiny star always stay so bright? You must read this exhilarating tale to find out the conclusion and finale of The Guardians of the Stone series!

Wow I always tear up when a series I have really enjoyed comes to an end. Yes I know-New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby, has many more stories to be told. As I have been reading her captivating and mesmerizing novels for 25 years!

I just have loved every book of the painted ones, the dún Scoti clan so much. I enjoyed the weaving of true Scottish history, Scottish lore and a fictional romantic adventure that warms your readers heart.

Another mind blowing, fast paced, riveting, romantic adventure! It is has all the elements historical romance readers love. Such as heartbreak, guilt, abduction, hysterical-blindness, Halley's comet, treachery paranormal, true history, folklore, mourning, mystery, suspense, betrayal, guilt, acceptance and love.

You can read as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend you read every book in this series. I plan on re-reading to revisit the painted ones again! Ms. Crosby has a God given talent, with a rare and unique gift of being an amazing story teller. I am so glad I discovered her books in July of 1992. As I have treasured each and every one!  I totally devoured this book from start to finish! I highly recommend this book and every book in this series. I feel you will get a better understanding of the dún Scoti clan and see how each character connects.

The plotting is paced perfectly though you wait with bated breath and anticipation not knowing what could possibly occur next!

I absolutely and unequivocally  loved this phenomenal book! I know readers will love Sorcha and Caden’s story! Happy Reading!

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* the Finale* comes out July 27th, 2017”

I  received an advance reader's copy from the author. I voluntarily agreed to review and blog. All words and ideas are my own.


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    1. Awe thank you so much Tanya! That means more than you know! Happy Release Day! Love these dùn Scoti's! xoxo