Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rogue Knight by Regan Walker just released today!

My 5 star amazon review highly recommend

Rogue Knight by Regan Walker reviewed by Celtic Barb

Happy release day Regan Walker Here is my 5* review of Rogue Knight by Regan Walker. Loved it!

This is book 2 in Regan Walker's Medieval Warrior Series. I absolutely loved this story. I am a big fan having of true history being weaved into a fictional story and Rogue Knight successfully accomplishes that in spades! This is the story of the years after the Norman Conquest and how King William the Conquerer wants "to put all of England under his rule as well.. This story it it how William wants to conquer  the the city of York and was ruthless how he goes about it and how the people of York hated him and his Norman invaders. Also how everything was for the taking from the young, the old and the innocent. The people had enough with his treatment of them and his outrageous taxes but this time they were determined they wouldn't lose with the help of the Danes. Although I don't think anyone expected Williams's wrath to be so great, to burn and salt everything  that forced the people into starvation, which those he didn't out right murder died of starvation. Most of York did die  Sadly it would take centuries until York would be inhabited and livable again.

York, England, 1068

The hero of this story is Sir Geoffroi de Tornai the fair haired knight some might remember from book one, Renauld de Pierrepont the Red Wolf's Prize, best friend and rejected  would be suitor of one of Lady  Serena's widowed ladies. As he is commanded by King William to come to York and quash the rebellion,but it here he see's the most beautiful women he has ever laid eyes on. He know she hates everything Norman and understands it too, but he is determined to become her protector offering his service if ever needed. Renauld, also nicknamed the Red Wolf, could not join in this journey due to an injury and wife's upcoming birth of thier first child. Therefore, Sir Renaud appointed Sir Geoffroi as the leader of this mission.

The heroine of this story is Emma of York . Emma's father in the story and  Maerleswein, former Sheriff of Lincolnshire, true  historic figure who was a wealthy English Thegn, one of the leaders of the rebellion. When she first meets Geoffroi de Tornai she feel the attraction as does he but feels guilty even feeling after all he is her enemy. Geoffroi sees the goodness in Emma who helps other like taking in and the care two twin orphans, her dog, and anyone else under her care. Emma can never tell Sir Geoffroi  as her life and those of her father's would be forfeit. There could never be a future for she and Geoffroi, but Geoffroi is determined to change her mind thinking he wants this women! What will happen when he finds out who her sire truly is?Also the fact he father wants her to marry nobility,the handsome Earl of Bamburgh, former Earl of Nothumbria and cousin to King Malcolm of Scotland and also another true historical figure! Will she be forced to marry her father's choice? You will have to find out the answers by reading this magnificent medieval read!

This book sweep you into the history of William the Conquerer and all that suffered from his wrath plus the amazing details was just fantastic. Another suberbly written story that draws you in with the blend of  history and a few true historical figures and the fictional love story will melt your heart. This book also sweeps you in with so much emotion with treachery, murder, rape, hate, betrayal, forgiveness and of course love. Will Geoffroi finally get his happily ever after or is he determined to be a bachelor forever? Plus what will happen if he finds out Emma's betrayal of not confiding in him of her father being one of the rebel leaders? Will he betray her and give her name to William? This would mean her certain death or to hold over the head of her father to hopefully stop this rebellion.  Also would mean to put her father in prison or worse with his betrayal to the King? Will Emma ever see Geoffroi  as being more then her enemy? You will have to read this exceptional book to find out! There area lot of beautiful and touching scenes with the adopted children and their love for all the caring adults in this story and if you are a dog lover like myself you will fall with Emma's very large dog. All in all, I highly recommend Rogue Knight by Regan Walker, another riveting faced paced page turner... Loved it!


  1. Thanks, Barb, for the great review. I'm thrilled you liked Rogue Knight!

  2. My pleasure Regan! Another fabulous read I really love this series!

  3. Aww thank you Ann I appreciate that!

  4. Both you ladies are awesome and I'm so fortunate that you read my stories!