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The Highland Curse by Dana D'Angelo

This is the second book in Dana D'Angelo's Highland strife series. Another fast paced enchanting. mesmerizing, spellbinding read that readers won't be able to put down. Ms. D'Angelo sweeps you into a love story where opposites sometimes attract. The Highland Curse is filled with passion, treachery, betrayal, terror, murder, mayhem and the supernatural in a beautiful Scottish setting, that will have readers at the edge of their seats in this paranormal Scottish historical!

Tancraig Castle, Scotland, 1560

In this story it starts off as Adrina MacGill recently has an erotic dream about a handsome braw highlander which she did not want to wake up from.  Adrina  just arrives Taincraig Castle traveling alone during a gathering of Clans to prepare for an expected upcoming English attack. Adrina asks for assistance and low and behold she meets her dream lover in the flesh one Duncan MacGregon! He is friendly enough at first and you can see he is as attracted to her and she is to him until all he finds out the real reason she is asking for assistance. Adrina believes her Clan is under some type of way enchantment from the evil former cleric Fingal who has stole her Great grandmother's book of spells and has an eerie bird as his minion that follows and reports everyone move When questioned why by the Laird Rory MacGregon from Book one The Highland Chief, as his English wife Darra and and mother-in-law Venora who is a great healer helps her make a potion to release her people of this enchantment. Duncan doesn't believe in anything in the supernatural form unless he can see it right in front of his face, as he is a great believer in logic and analyzing things thoroughly to think clearly. Another reason why he is such a great fierce warrior and have kept himself alive this long. Plus he is aware the English are gathering forces and want to go to war, as he knows the English coming up on their heals. Even this Adrina can see that a great many men of Scotland will die leaving women widows and children fatherless. Though Duncan sees this as protecting his land and people from oppression, slavery and death. Duncan voices his opinion of Adrina's over active imagination which just angers her feeling disappointment of her dream lover! She knows she sounds mad and at first though it was her imagination but then the voices came and the visions she could no longer deny, now they came in her dreams too.  So many of these visions came true where she could no longer deny her gift and knew she must save her clan from possibly death and destruction.

The Lairds wife Darra refused to allow Adrina to travel back alone home,though she has a limited amount of time to get back to her clan while the complicated potion is most potent. At first Rory assigns Duncan to escort Adrina home, but he directly refuses! Duncan  feels he is needed home to defend his clan against upcoming war and not go on this silly quest of Adrina's. Then his younger brother Griogair offers to be her escort and Adrina is relieved, yet when she leaves it is Duncan who comes stating there was a change of plan!  Adrina is both  disappointed and frustrated and doesn't hold back from her feelings. Of course Duncan tries to use charm and wit to overcome her and isn't used to being rejected from the female sex. Of course as their journey continues and peculiar things start to happen. Duncan and Adrina come to let their guards down and true feeling out you can feel the sizzling chemistry, attraction and passion they feel which sizzles off the pages! Even though he admits having no interest in marriage, plus he needs to find out why her father has ignored several messages to attend his clan's Gatherings and needs to fine out why. Plus Adrina knows she has to marry her father's choice for the clan, it was the usual way for a Lairds daughter. She had always knows Duncan had another reason for escorting her home when he so adamatly had previously refused. Of course now she knew she was in love him with Duncan as well realizing he said as not the self absorbed conceited man she originally thought but a caring, loving man that wants to defend those he cares about.

Duncan starts to open his eyes and feel things he never did for another and when he sees they have two of her clansman looking for her wishing her ill, plus this eerie bird following them! He is starting to believe her but still questions his logic as well. Then Duncan sees the evil Fingal the cleric who is using magic and spells to use and overcome her clan is convinced Fingal is correct and this poor lass is just delusional and perhaps insane! Adrina realizing she is in love with Duncan knows he is under Fingal's power now. Though her heart is broken she is relieved Fingal allows Duncan to return to his home at Tancraig Castle and the even though he leaves Adrina not realizing to fight for her life! 

Is Adrina's clan doomed forever? Will all her visions of doom and murder come true? Has Duncan abandoned Adrina never to see her again? Adrina's has a broken heart never to be mended will it ever heal? Will she even be alive long enough to see it healed? Lots of twists and turns and ups and downs in The Highland Curse that you will have to read to get the answers. Definitely a lot of strife in this one, I can't wait for the next book in the strife series! You can read this as stand alone book, but there are character's from The Highland Chief where I personally think it's more fun to read both. Again it is the readers choice. You can follow the story easily either way. So give yourself an fun, exciting, and heart warming adventure and read The Highland Curse by Dana D'Angelo!

Strife Series by Dana D'Angelo

1.The Highland Chief- Rory and Dara
2. The Highland Curse- Duncan and Adrina

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