Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review of The Mackinnon's Bride 20th Anniversary Special addition By Tanya Anne Crosby


THE MACKINNON'S BRIDE.... This novel is very special and near and dear to my heart. I have actually read it five times that is how much I adore it and not just the main character as that Broc the Blonde is very special to me too though he will get his own book later in The Highland Bride series which is another thing you might want to check out in the Companion book. 

This story starts as the Laird Ian Mackinnon son is kidnapped by the English and yet his enemies daughter Page actually protects the son while under his enemies roof and kidnaps Page Fitz Simmons in retaliation. Yet  when he offers a trade and gets his son back and sees Fitz Simmons refuses his own daughter know she helped the Scots and for good reason. This baffles Laird Iain and also chips at his cold heart as well. So the laird keeps Paige before you know it he see how his son needs a mother one thing leads to another could it be love? There is also a villain in their mist which causes The Laird to think Paige to question Paige. As they both have deep scars of the past and major trust issues but Paige being told what to do her entire life being ignored, abused and living in her fathers shadow. Ian gives her the best gift eve...a choice. 

This book will melt your heart and steal your soul it is so beautifully written I can't recommend it enough as it is a definite keep on my forever book shelf. I actually have this in every format print, digital e-reader and audio. Yes it that spectacular, a total masterpiece and how I discovered this multi talented gifted author. Make sure you have some Kleenex nearby as some scenes are very emotional too. Even the scence with Paige and the lairds son are so beautiful but very emotional too. This is one of my favorite books of all time I cannot praise it enough!

Highland Song (The Highland Brides)First I want to personally thank Tanya for the dedication which was to us her readers which I thought was very sweet. For those of you familiar with this wonderful series Highland Brides this is Gavin Mac Brodie's story the youngest brother of Meeghan of Lyon's Gift the second book in this delightful series. The Highland Brides series is one of the best Scottish romance reads in my opinion for those of you addicted to Scottish medieval romance as I am. Each book is wonderful, beautiful, funny, magical and enchanting and I highly recommend this entire series 1.The Mackinnon's Bride 2. Lyon's Gift 3. On Bended Knee 4. Lion Heart and 5. Highland Song.

As in this novella Highland Song you get to visit all the main characters from previous books kind of like a wonderful family reunion which I loved. I don't want to give away too much but the books main couple is Gavin and Catriona which her friends call Cat. Gavin is very much brooding and pretty much miserable in the beginning as he is surrounded by all these happy couples very much in love so he decides to move out and get a place of his own and all I will tell you is the first time he see's Cat she is stark naked! I really also really enjoyed Catrionas (Cat) character as she was described as a beautiful, strong and independent type of women, not afraid of men's work etc. of course when they find is sizzling right off the pages!

This couple was really so adorable! I really didn't want this book to end, as this is my problem with all of Ms. Crosby's books, as I find myself very addicted indeed and want them to go on forever. I truly hope Catriona's handsome brother Aidan will be the next book in this series! Just a quick note you can read this book with the other books in the series or alone. Ms. Crosby is truly gifted in her talents as a brilliant storyteller/author extroidinaire! I promise you the reader won't be disappointed as HIGHLAND SONG has all the elements you would want or desire in a Scottish historical romance

Highland Tribes: A Readers Companion ( The Highland Brides Book 6) 

First this is is not a novel it is which contains loads of information for the Highland Brides series as well as Guardians of the Stone series. It will give a better understanding of what goes on Tanya Anne Crosby's brilliant mind and how this all began and how it all connected. It will give the reader a better insight and  understanding of all these wonderful stories. Any fan of Tanya Anne Crosby will appreciate and love this Companion Book I know I did!

Also the art work is incredible a lot of people don't know Tanya is an amazing graphic designer too as I always says she is multi talented. Any fan of Tanya's books will appreciate this companion book

I have been a fan of Ms. Crosby for 22 years and have enjoyed the stories whether I laughed, giggled, cried, or raised an eyebrow. So on a personal note I have to say thank you for giving me so much enjoyment as sometimes I can remember exactly what I was doing as I was absorbed in these wonderful stories and transported to historic Scotland! For example I was going into labor with my second child as I read The Mackinnon's Bride for the very first time. It was a girl my daughter who is New York City reporter, a journalist sort of ironic! Thank you for all these wonderful books and here is to another twenty years of more wonderful adventures, yummie Scottish romance, and braw kilted Scottish lads, spunky independent warrior lassies who can swing a sword and always has her quiver of arrows on her back! This mean more books to be written mo charaid!