Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review of Highland Echoes by Ceci Giltenan

Highland Echoes by Ceci Giltenan  (Fated Hearts book 2) as the first one was a novella in Highland Winds  The Scroll of the Cridhe Volume one called Highland Revenge  ( Fated Hearts book 1) Highland Echoes is a full length book.

Another fast page turner and beautifully written book of love, loss, betrayal, grieving, and forgiveness with a heavy dose of romance, adventure and mystery. It is a book that will hold you on so many different levels you will wish it never to end. Another book by the talented Ceci Giltenan that will definitely melt your heart.

1317 May, The Isle of Lewis.....Catriona and Tristan Murray a young couple defying all they knew in the name of love.

Mother to daughter
What matters most: kindness
What never helps: panicking

1340 April, The Isle of Lewis... Daughter and wife of fishermen Grace Brieve looses her Father, Mother and his husband in the space of a year. As with only her three year old daughter Kristen, she does what she must to survive in this sometimes cold cruel world. The aging cruel perverted Laird Morrison's son has turned an eye on Grace! With the help of many friend she must leave immediately before it is too late so she and Kristen are off a new adventure to a Grandmother she had never met and off to Grandma's house they go. It is where she first meets Bran and not very welcoming as they all believe her father had died years ago with good reason .

Bran Sutherland son and heir of Laird Sutherland once the lass proves her identity he is immediately smitten having recently being sent aside by his betrothed although they had never even met. Even her wee lass Kristen melts his heart and when he finds out she is a widow. Well let's just say he is definitely not heart broken over it. The problem is his father has other plans for Bran and first and foremost is a political marriage which Grace does not fit in as she is fishermen's daughter and his cooks granddaughter. Grace doesn't even know her own mothers surname! As a deathbed promise never to find and her mother's family out. Especially since her mothers Da was such a cruel and vindictive man that might even kill she and Kirsten!

Bram makes it known to all that will listen that Grace and wee Kristen are under his protection and he tries to break down the wall around Grace's protective heart. As she knows with their different life status this can only end in heartbreak  Of course he doesn't know the big attraction and strong feelings Grace feels for Bram.....yet! Grace is very fearful of powerful men especially titled men and on top of that Bram's parents want a political marriage to help the clan. This does not include a marriage to their cooks granddaughter and daughter of a fisherman! Laird Sutherland will do anything to keep them apart no matter how unfair and vindictive.

Highland Echoes  has a very unique and surprise ending that just dazzled me to the core which I totally adored! I absolutely loved this book!!! :)

I highly recommend Highland Echoes is another Ceci Giltenan that will melt your heart and steal your soul! Another for my keeper reread shelf as I absolutely loved this spectacular book!

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