Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review of Highlander Redeemed by Laurin Wittig

The Targe is an ancient relic stone and protector of Scottish lands, that has many magical and mystical powers that most can't even wrap their head around. As this Targe has been protected by the MacAlpin for centuries, as it shields the heart of the highlands from invaders such as the English! It can actually be used as as shield to protect Clan MacAlpin for its enemies and keeping it  hidden deep in Scotland. Yet the English King knows this and he says only one Scottish witch knows how to control it which he mean to abduct,  learn and murder her when he is done using her.

This is another page turner and the third novel in this captivating  novel that will warm your heart and steal your soul! Finally Scotia's story which I have been impatiently waiting for after reading her kin's story in Highlander Betrayed and Highlander Redeemed previously. My heart really went out as previously Scotia was a bit self involved and reckless and pays the price when some tragedies come hit home which also forces her clan into battle. Now her Clan has shun her and this title is really perfect as basically she wants to redeem herself in the eyes of her clan and in the perfect way too as a Scottish female warrior!

Duncan who has watched over Scotia since she was a wee lassie is ordered to track and keep a watch on Scotia and as he does he catches her trying to train herself as a warrior and decides to become her mentor and teacher in secret. Of course one thing leads to the next and feelings and emotions  happen and you can figure out the rest. It will definitely make you swoon a bit...sigh!

This is a beautiful conclusion to this trilogy which I have loved all three books and recommend you read all three but of course you can read as a stand alone too. Clan MacAlpin are guardians of  the Targe which is part of the problem of Scotia's jealousy as her cousin and sister have a role in it as protectors plus both recently married. I think Scotia feels so isolated and alone plus her mothers death just was the topping on the cake but in a bad way. My heart really went out for her even with her horrible past mistakes and the trust issues Duncan has with good reason with her so make sure you have your hankie ready as I found this a very beautiful but emotional read. Kinda of a hallelujah moment when Scottia does finally see the light per say of her past mistakes.


Also in this story or is discovered that this relic stone has the power of three as theses three blood kin all have Guardian powers connections as it seems out little Scotia has the power of knowing or does she? You will have to read this lovely book and find out it is one you truly don't want to miss! Pre-order today as it will be released next month May 12th.

This makes it all the more difficult for one English King's flunky one Captain Sherwood and his men. It is absolutely brilliant how this story conclusion comes together and of course we will see all the heroes and heroines of the entire series come in to play in this. Also how Scotia and Duncan come together romantically. I really hate seeing this series end and I have totally and unequivocally loved it! I can not praise it enough and I have been a fan of Ms. Wittig since her debut as an author in (The Devil of Kilmartin) and she is definitely one of my favorite authors and her books are always on my keeper shelf....

A big bravo for Laurin Wittig and I highly recommend all three books of this series:

Highlander Betrayed- Rowan MacGregor and Nicholas fitz Hugh

Highlander Avenged- Jeanette  MacAlpin and  Malcolm MacKenzie

Highlander Redeemed- Scotia MacAlpin and Duncan of Dunlarig

Other Books by Laurin Wittig:

The Devil of Kilmartin
MacAllister's Hope ( a Kilmartin Glen Novella)
Charming the Shrew ( The Legacy of MacLeod book 1)
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