Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review of To Tame The Wind By Regan Walker

This is a prequel to Regan Walkers Agents of the Crown Series. You can read as a stand alone or in books order readers choice of course. Either way this book is another keeper no matter how you look at it! It releases May 9, 2015.

Another adventurous, romantic and mysterious page turner from the gifted story teller Regan Walker. This action packed historical romance right from the beginning that will keep you glued to the story and you simply won't be able to put it down.

Paris, 1780

It's starts off as the covent raised teenager the beautiful, Claire Ariane Donet, whom often likes to break the rules and sneaks out and her frail friend Elise follows her to this secret adventure to a secret Mask she found out by eavesdropping on adult conversations.

 There she sees the handsome Simon Powell for the first time at a costume ball where the French aristocrats dress like commoners. It is where the innocent 16 years spies on him and dressed as a golden eagle as he is groping the courtesan dressed like a male hussar the limb on the tree she was spying from breaks off and she is caught! At first he thinks she is a lady of the night, a courtesan dressed as an innocent but then he realizes she is an innocent and sets her on the right path back to the convents and out of danger.

Unfortunately tragedy hits home which changes Claire forever and decides she wants to be a nun yet out of guilt. Yet, her well off, prominent father has other ideas for she is now eighteen years old and he has picked a successful lawyer for her husband in an arranged marriage. Claire has not told her father her feelings to be a nun nor do the sisters of the convent feel it's the right path for her. As they know it has to do with guilt from the past and another's wish to join the order.

Two years later Simon and Claire will cross paths again and she will find out things about her wealthy prominent father that turns her world upsIde down and inside out! As Simon is forced to abduct Claire to use as a trade for his men and ship that Claire's father has taken as prisoner and the ship for his own booty. Claire who has not lived outside the walls of the convent since she was seven years old and to be in such close quarters with one handsome Captain Simon Powell as well as his ship full of pirates she is definitely on some unchartered, dangerous, and unfamiliar waters in the high seas!

You need to read this marvelous book to find out what happens next and the conclusion of this exceptional read that I cannot praise enough!

Another Regan Walker adventure that will melt your heart and make you swoon. To Tame The Wind is adventurous, mysterious and romantic all rolled into one book and you will not be able to put it down. So grab a drink. snack and blanket and enjoy the ride as you will hate to see this captivating story come to an end! Yes it is that wonderful! You will be hooked and reeled in right from the beginning to the very last word in the book, it was an absolutely spectacular read as I find Ms. Walker's always are!  I loved it!