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The Rogue of Islay Isle by Heather McCollum, Highland Isles Series, Book #2, 5 Kilts. CELTIC BARB LOVES THIS SERIES! IT WILL MELT YOUR HEART!

Book: The Rogue of Islay Isle 
By Heather McCollum

Series: Highland Isles, Book #2

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook, Administrator at Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews. Blogger at Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Smoking Hot!

Overall Setting: 5 Stars/Kilts



Cullen Duffie has recently been made Chief of the ferocious Clan MacDonald. His Grandfather recently died and made him Chief, skipping over his very own sons. Cullen was Tor’s friend in Book #1,The Beast of Aros Castle.

A woman named Madeleine Renald washes up on Islay Isle, but she cannot speak and has no memory, not even her own name! As MacDonald Chief, Cullen orders everyone to call her Rose. Since she had pretty roses embroidered on her gown. As Rose’s memory starts to return in little fragments, but soon pieced it all together and realises she has put The Clan MacDonald in great danger by just being here on Islay Isle! 

When Rose is disgusted as she realizes how her very own mother abused and sold her to the highest bidder! That happens to be King Louis, King of France! This could put The MacDonald clan in a very bad predicament, as the English and French are foes at this time and could call The MacDonald clan traitor!  They could exile them or possibly even have them executed!  Now Cullen desires Rose like no other, he will not just hand her over to the evil Sassenach!  Yet he does not want his clan in danger either. Plus he gave Rose his solemn oath he would protect her,  plus he wants her like no other woman! 

Yet all the mama’s on the isle want their daughter to marry the new Laird even by trickery.As healer Agnes’s  daughter Beatrice,  who keeps chasing Cullen as many females. They are hoping he will put a babe in their belly so they get a title and all the trimming that goes with being a Laird’s wife! It has nothing to do with feelings or love and everything to do with greed!  This French lass impresses Cullen not just her beauty, but with her bravery and courage too!  Rose finds Cullen pretty irresistible too, with his honor and honesty, which is so refreshing and the opposite of the men in French court. 

Yet Rose/Madeleine is being hunted by those she ran away from, will she be caught? Will she vanish from Cullen's life forever?  What is her future to be freedom in Scotland or slavery in France? You will have to read this spectacular read and find out! 

Beautiful setting, amazing dialogue, and plots that have you holding your breath in anticipation, wondering what could possibly happen next? I absolutely loved 
“The Rogue of Islay Isle book #2 in the Highland Isles series. I have read all the books in the series,they are all superbly written and just keep getting better if that is even possible!

This phenomenal riveting romantic adventure read is filled with treachery, jealousy, suspense, mystery, betrayal, mistrust, clan war,  joy, faith, passion and love. All the things historical romance readers love!

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

1.The Beast of Aros Castle,Book #1

2.The Rogue of Islay Isle, Book #2, Just released on May 15th

The Rogue of Islay Isle: Heather McCollum: 9781545553466: Amazon ...

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