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Highland Barbarian By Hannah Howell, The Murray's Family Series, book 13. 5 KILTS. A reissue but Celtic Barb has been reading and rereading Hannah Howell's Novels for 25 years! It never gets old those Murray Lads are delicious!

Book: Highland Barbarian
by Hannah Howell

Series: The Murray Family #13

Reviewed By: Barb Massabrook of Celtic Barb’s Book Review Blog, Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews.

Heat Setting: Hot

Overall setting: 5 Stars

Summer, 1480

This is the story of Artan Murray and Cecily Donaldson. As her sickly aging Uncle wants to make her his heir of Glascreag. Definitely not his worthless spineless nephew Magnus, who would not take care of his lands or the people.

Artan was suspicious of the old bugger and with good reason. He wanted Artan to become Laird of Glascreag, through marriage to his niece Cecily. Yes,it had it's merits, as he was the second son born minutes after his twin Lucas. Then his stomach rolled when he found out where she was living! As she had been raised and lived in the bloody lowlands!  Plus he would never agree to marry anyone without meeting them first.

Let me just say this damsel, Cecily is the heroine that saves the day when Artan is in dire need. She is not the lass her Uncle describes as sweet and biddable, especially when she makes demands of Artan. Yet he still keeps on the right track as no lass deserves a loveless marriage!

Yet the tables turn to love as Artan and Cecily spend time together.Who could not love a lass who saves him? Will it be enough to marry her? Does she even want to leave her home and live in Glascreag and get married?

Plus she is supposed to be married to Sir Fergus by relatives who want to steal her fortune! Was Artan too late or does he save the day with this dire news? How will Cecily respond? Though you can feel the sparks between these two, right from the first kiss. What a kiss it was too!  You will have to read this marvelous story to find out.

This is the 13th book in the best selling Murray Family Series by Hannah Howell. I have been reading Ms Howell’s books for years always a great treat.

This was originally released in 2006 but was revamped with a new cover for 2017. I love re-reading Hannah Howell’s novel’s as she has been one of my favorite authors for a couple decades!

I have to admit The Murray Family series is my favorite! Always a delight to read from start to finish.

I highly recommend Highland Barbarian by Hannah Howell and read all her books in Murray Family Series. Always amazing and magnificent reads.

If you love Scottish Historical romance like myself, then you definitely need to put Hannah Howell on your must read list!

Amazing dialogue, the setting is timeless and the plotting is brilliant!  I was actually waiting with baited breath and anticipation what will happen next.

It was non-stop-action from the beginning to the end! Spectacular novel!

I received a an advance reader copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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