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Sorcha By Keira Montclair,The Highland Clan Series Book 8. 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb Love Sorcha & Cailean pairing!♥♥♥

Book: Sorcha by Keira Montclair
Series: The Highland Clan, Book #8
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook, Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog, Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Heat Setting: Hot
Overall Setting: 5

Highlands of Scotland, 1280’s

Sorcha Ramsay daughter Ramsay and Gwyneth. All the lads in the Clan know you never touch Logan Ramsay’s daughter if you value your life!  She is totally off limits if you want to birth any offspring in your future! Warrior Cailean MacAdam her protector keeps saving her life,  but is also very attracted to Sorcha . Sorcha is very independent and claustrophobic cannot stay within the castle walls.  She can convince anyone to agree to her desires even with enemy arrows are aiming at her!

Yet Sorcha has a good heart too always putting others before herself as she wants her siblings and cousins happy too. Of course her love for her beloved horse Horsie is so heartfelt and charming too.

While her Dad was away she wants to make him proud and take down a boar. She convinces the Ramsay guards to take her into forest, well beyond the castle walls. As this is what she did before her sister Molly got married and left her. Plus since she got her woman's body she is not the apple of her father's eye anymore. In addition her mother spends most of her time with her younger sibling. She feels abandoned and has guilt from a past transgression and wants to make her father proud of her. She convinces some of the Ramsay guards to take her on a hunting trip. The hunting trip turns into a disaster,  as they are attacked by arrows. The guards surrounded Sorcha immediately and no one was hurt badly but Horsie. Horsie is Sorcha’s best friend and beloved horse she got as a gift from her father as a child. She is extremely upset when at first her guards want to exterminate Horsie. No way would she allow it, this is when Cailean MacAdam knows he feels something for Sorcha. As he has wanted to court her for some time. He knows Logan would never allow it, plus for some reason in his past he doesn't believe in love or marriage.Mainly because of his parents turbulent marriage. In addition what sane Ramsay warrior would want to get on Logan’s bad side?

When Cailean meets his match in Sorcha, she meets her match in Cailean. As this strapping, braw warrior is powerful and assertive. No weak and squishy lad will do for this lass!  

Plus what Ramsay warrior would want to get on Logan’s bad side ? Not if they value their private assets and life itself. Plus trouble is brewing between Grant and Ramsay lands. On top of that the best swordsman in the highland has been badly injured. That is Laird Alex Grant. As there seem to be enemies and danger at every turn. On top of so much mayhem and treachery how can Cailean show his Laird he is worthy of his daughter? This is Logan's first born daughter, one he refuses to allow to grow up!  In addition the Sorcha and her father are so similar in so many ways! Will Logan Ramsay the most terrifyingly man in the highlands ever accept a match for his daughter? Even one of his honorable warriors? Will Cailean even live to tell the tale? How can Sorcha convince her father she has grown up and there is only one man for her. Will her stubborn frightening father say ye or nay to allow Cailean to court her? Even if Cailean is shaking in his boots, but for the woman he loves he will do anything to prove his worth! Will Logan Ramsay ever accept him?

You must read this spectacular novel and find out. Another fast paced page turner that readers won't be able to put down. I have read this entire series and each book has been absolutely brilliant.I recommend you read them all. You can also read Sorcha as a stand alone books as it is the 8th book in the series. I think Sorcha is now my favorite. I absolutley loved this action packed heart pulling romance. It has so many twists and turns that you might need to catch your breath!

As Ms. Montclair does it again and writes another magnificent novel,  that Scottish romance readers will absolutely love!

I received an advance reader copy that I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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