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The Lady and The HIGHLANDER by Lecia Cornwall, A Highland Fairy Tale, Book 3,5 Kilts. Celtic Barb felt this books gave off fireworks as one of her favorite reads of 2017!

Book: The Lady and the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall

Series: A Highland Fairy Tale, Book three

Reviewed by Barb Batlan-Massabrook
Of Tartan Book Reviews, Purple Tulip Book Reviews and Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book

Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5 Stars/Kilts

Sealgair is Hunter in gaelic, Iain Lindsay.
Laire is the Laird Fearsome Donal MacLeod’s daughter under his new wife Bibiana. She is drugging the Clan with potions and spells. All except Laire who only drinks water. Even when they try to force the drugged wine on this beautiful, brave young woman.

Glen Iolair, 1709

This book is Snow White with twist in which the hunter is called sealgair which is hunter in Gaelic. This sealgair is a servant to a bird witch who happens to be Laire MacLeod’s new step-mother Bibiana. As she is not what she seems at all and has Laird Donal MacLeod bewitched with her potions and spells.

As Laird Donal MacLeod has gone to Edinburgh to seek a wife, for a son and heir which he wants so badly. It is absolutely impossible as this wife and widow no one seems to know,  is much older than she appears. He has married 8 times and the only son which was Laire’s twin brother who died some years ago. It is the reason Laire only drinks water. As he suddenly brings her beautiful but evil step-mother home who also has been married previously 13 times. The husband’s children were never to be seen again. The husbands, men she married were a shell of the men they had been.

Bibiana brings her evil servants who makes all the servants leave the MacLeod Castle. They are all poisoning and drugging the wine. Where there is dancing and singing  all night and sleeping all day. Laire will drink only water for past reasons dealing with her twin brother's death. Laire notices the changes in her family and has been warned by Bibiana's sealgair it's too late and nothing she can do can save them. She knows something will happen in the Spring as the sealgair leaks it. Yet she is not sure what but she knows it's something evil and dark. Laire hates the dark too! The sealgair Laird Iain Lindsay is mesmerized by Laire MacLeod as she is a fearsome MacLeod and the most beautiful woman he ever saw! The attraction is on both sides. As she knows Iain Lindsay is a good man and can't understand why he is in service to such a horrid evil woman, her step-mother.

As the Sealgair was also bewitched years ago and enslaved, cursed and tricked by this witch! Bibiana finds Iain Lindsay a challenge as she cannot win him with lust like most men. Yet she can with the guilt and unforgiving himself from deeds in the past. His bargain is almost over all he had to do is kill Laire MacLeod and send Laire’s heart. Can he kill the women he loves? Plus he is supposed to look her in the eye as he kills her. This is something he never does to any of his victims! As her Frenchman is the assassin he just kills animals and livestock!  Bibiana is sure she can trick him and she will own her sealgair forever!

As Laire will do anything to save her family so she travels alone to find help and finds nothing but danger. She is saved from a life of prostitution from a young seven year old boy. He and his young friends bring her in a house they have been staying at and  call themselves “The Clan of Thieves”. All are orphans age six to eighteen,  they do what they have to survive as they are living in the tunnels of Laird Iain Lindsay’s home. Of course he has not been there in years serving his agreement with Bibiana. Laire becomes like a mother to them feeding, cooking them wonderful food,  caring and saving some from danger too. Most of the children start to love her especially Wee Kipper.

This book and story is so well developed paced perfectly and pulls on your heartstrings, so beware! The captivating plots and beautiful highland setting will steal your heart. It had so many oh no she didn't moments, that you can't help but anticipate what will happen next! It pulled so many emotions out of me, yet it was totally unique and brilliant! It is a riveting phenomenal adventure filled with treachery, witchcraft, mystery, suspense, sorcery, witchery,  spells, supernatural, hypnotic enthrallment, enslavement, betrayal, murder, paranormal, jealousy, desire, passion, honor, and love.

Another spellbinding book that leaves the reader wanting more from this spectacular  series by Lecia Cornwall. I have absolutely loved each book in “A Highland Fairy Tale Series”! I can't recommend this entire series enough, but can read as standalone books too.

A Highland Fairy Tale Series
by Lecia Cornwall

1. Beauty and the Highland Beast
2. When a Laird Finds A Lass
3.The Lady and the HIGHLANDER

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts ideas and words are my own.

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