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The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne (Victorian Rebels Trilogy, Book 3) Releasing 8/2/2016 ~ 5 Kilts

Book: The Highlander, Victorian Rebels Series, Book 3,  by Kerrigan Byrne
Reviewed: by Barb Massabrook

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Length: 368 pages

Heat Rating: Smokin Hot!

1878 Scotland (majority is set in Scotland though it starts off in London.)

This book starts off in London as a severely abused and  terrorized Lady Philomena St. Vincent, Viscountess Benchley whom most call Mena, had been both mentally and physically abused and terrorised by her own philanderer and sadomasochistic husband, Viscount Gordon St. Vincent and his family. To get rid of her against and for revenge they lied and  declared her criminally insane though the high court in England. Then they committed  her to the corrupt, evil, rundown, Belle Glen Asylum! It was run by evil sadistic Doctors, nurses and orderlies. The staff committed  the most atrocious, heinous and perverse, evil acts on theirs terrorized patients!  They  falsely calling it treatments but it was torturous punishments

On top of that calling her mad and giving  her a perverse nickname as well.  Mena’s new  prison was hell on earth. Previously they had previously not touched her physically where marks or scars were seen due to her noble title  but there were other ways to torment and torture patients like her! This was done in case the nobility might change their mind and want the unwanted wife returned.

Now Belle Glen receive word was she was to be their guest indefinitely, for the remainder of her life! Her evil husband had run out of her money so she was now useless to him.

Luckily she a she snuck a letter  one of her noble friends praying someone would know her dire straits. Just as she was about to be severely abused in the worst way a good her friends husbands  came to her rescue and got her out of her personal hell on earth

In this time a married woman was helpless if fell under a husband's ire or disregard. Under his  authority to do with her wished like an animal with no regard or protection for the wife’s life. Unless you had powerful family  as far as the law was concerned. Now Mena was also a fugitive of the crown for running away from her sadistic husband and family. So her noble friends came up with a scheme since their Scottish Marquess friend, Laird William Grant Ruaridh MacKenzie, retired colonial, know to most as Liam, was in need of a governess for his two teenage children. Some also call him the Demon HighlanderThe only thing was she needed a new identity and to stay in hiding and knew never to reveal her secrets to anyone ever!

Ravencroft Castle, Scotland
Liam MacKenzie know as The Demon has many secrets of his own being a man of war, plus had been married to an insane woman and brought up by a monster. His father was sadistic cruel man who got off on others pain. He wanted his sons to be brought up in his image it was no wonder he was known as the Demon of the Highlands! He stayed away from his children for this fear alone until he realised they were out of control. Always chasing away each governess and they needed education and to be taught how to behave especially with his daughters first season only a year away.

So Philomena meets this Demon Marquee Laird not under the best of circumstances with a carriage with a broken wheel. When he and men come to meet and retrieve her it's not under the best circumstances as she doesn't believe he is the Marquess Ravencroft! As he and are men are filthy  and looks nothing like a Marquess  should! As Liam and his men  had previously put out a fire and were covered in mud and soot. Plus he is young and handsome not old and fat like a retired Colonel should in her opinion. Plus she is the first person to look him in the eye and put him in his place! This starts the sparks between these two,  not to mention Mena giving explicit instructions of how to repair the wheel!

As time goes by a lot of suspicious accidents are happeniing on his lands. He is immediately attracted to his ravishing green eyed, governess with the body of a goddess! Liam notices how things seem to run better when she is around and she seems to open his cold demon heart and makes him feel a calm he had never felt before! He also finds himself jealous of other men who can't seem to not to notice all the charms she beholds. Could this be lust, infatuation or love?

This is far from one sided as she sees the goodness on this battle hardened warrior who also has his personal demons, unseen scars and terrors like herself. Besides under Liam’s braw, virile beauty she sees his turmoil with himself.  Mena also sees his intense love for those he cares about too. It's the first time she has felt safe in five years. “If only she wasn't married”, she felt herself thinking more often than not. Also holding herself in check to not fall in love or she will  leave with a broken heart!

Then someone they both trust puts herself and Liam in mortal danger, but not only that it's the worst betrayal that is revealed. Are these two able survive it physically, but even if they do can they ever  forgive and forget - if the truth is ever revealed? Or will they go living in both their personal hells and go their separate ways with hearts shattered to pieces?

The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne is my favorite of this exquisite trilogy! One of my favorite reads for 2016, captivated with many twists and turns, ups and downs! I was reading with excited anticipation of what could possibly happen next! Even the secondary characters like his spoiled but ignored children, his flirtatious brother and his valet Jani, kinsmen and more. Definitely emotional  but when I can connect with a book on that level I know it's rare special story.

I have been reading this authors for many years even when she self published. So happy St Martin's Press recognised her rare talent! Always love her stories but her Highlander's definitely hold a special place in my heart. Looking  forward to future  Scottish historical highland novels from this gifted author!

I can't recommend Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne enough! This is book 3 in her Victorian Rebels series, but you also read in as a stand alone book too. Either/Or just if you want to find out about her some of the connected friends and saviours  who are also in this book  and their love stories I recommend you read them. For me it just makes it more fun but not necessary as its the readers choice.

The Victorian Rebels Series by Kerrigan Byrne

The Highwayman - ❤️Dorian Blackwell & Farah MacKenzie❤️ 379 pages.

    2) The Hunter- ❤️Christopher Argent & Millicent LeCour❤️429 pages.

   3) The Highlander -❤️ Liam MacKenzie & Mena St. Vincent❤️ 368 pages.**TBR 8/2/2016 **
pre-order available now**

***I received this ARC from the publisher, St. Martin’s Press for an honest review through***

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