Monday, July 25, 2016

Book - Every Time with a Highlander
by Gwyn Cready

Reviewed - Celtic Barb

Rating - 5/5 Kilts

Heat Rating - Hot

This is RITA winner-bestselling author-Gwyn Cready’s third book, in her ongoing phenomenal (“Sirens of the Scottish Borderland Series”). Another time-travel story that is absolutely spellbounding!

Fortune teller and spy,  Scottish Undine Douglas’s love potion meant for another couple, has been stolen by the villainous English Colonial, John Bridgewater! How the potion works is: the first person who ingests it will desire the first person they see. This just  happens to be Undine herself! Bridgewater is one of the the most feared men on both sides of the border, known for his brutal tactics and skills politically and on the battlefield. Exactlywhat Undine doesn't expect or want is herself to be the object of Bridgewater’s desire and affection. Though she plans to take full advantage of the situation brought to her feet! It just might be the opportunity her spying heart has been waiting for!

Undine is hoping accepting the Colonial’s marriages proposal  and invitation to live  on his lands will give access and proof of the information she requires to help bring  peace to both sides of the border.  Hoping to put off the wedding as long as possible, to get what is needed, then to remove herself from this  situation as quickly as possible. Putting herself in a dangerous situation from a man who previously had beaten her! Henearly raped one of her close friends and has a long list of heinous crime and deeds he has done!

If Bridgewater ever figures out what had happened and why,  he will hunt Undine and her life would be at great risk! Her friends think she is out of her mind to even put herself in this situation to begin with!  Although they know she is only trying to bring peace and do it for the greater good. They just don't think it's worth the risk her very life!

Then Lord Bridgewater corners her and unexpectedly wants to marry her immediately! So she desperately seeks outside help and the devastating handsome Michael,  a theater director from the 21st century appears! This is when things get really interesting and go full  speed ahead! As the sparks and chemistry are absolutely immediate you can feel the heat! Still what can Michael possibly do to help relieve Undine in a world he is not from?

WOW! WOW! WOW!  Ms. Cready writes another enchanting, clever, fast paced, riveting adventure from start to finish!  Filled with so many twists and turns, ups and downs,  that readers will be holding their breath with anticipation at what could possibly happen next! The beautiful setting , exceptional dialogue and  exquisite plotting was beyond brilliant! Including realistic characters that glide off the pages and straight into the reader's heart!

Highly recommend this exhilarating and magical tale by the talented Gwen Cready!

      Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands” series
      By Gwen Cready  

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**This ARC was given to me by Sourcebooks Casablanca publishers through netgalley for an honest review


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