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Must Love Kilts, Must Love Series, book 3 by Angela Quarles, 5 Kilts

Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles, Must Love series book 3. RITA 2016 Best Paranormal Winner!
Reviewed by BarbMassabook of Tartan Book Reviews and Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog
5/5 stars
Heat rating-  SMOKING HOT
This is a captivating-action packed-romantic-Scottish time-travel adventure lined with true iconic events in Scottish history. In this story during a vacation to current day Scotland-a magical card case transports Traci Campbell and her sister Fiona to Scotland 1689 in the midst of a Jacobite rebellion a bottle of Glenfiddich and a bet.
American computer designer Traci Campbell has been unlucky in love and still has the emotional scars from past relationships . She refuses to end up in the heartbreak hotel ever again!  Traci’s  strategy now is to never let emotions control her and just be the love em and leave em type -so she will never be heartbroken ever again!
Traci’s finds her family totally Scotland obsessed more than a bit annoying. Their house is decorated head to toe with something of Scotland or Clan Campbell, the females of the family claiming all Scottish men are smoking hot, most have Scottish names all but her and have attended the Highland games every year since she was a child. It's not just her parents as all sibling too are all over the moon for Scotland!
 Traci want to get closer to her sister this is why she agreed to travel to Scotland. Then getting a bit drunk she spilled this deep secret she had and Fiona just begged to go to historic Scotland.It was supposed to in and out really a quick peek. Well things don't always go as you plan……
Traci despises it all but then opinions change when she wakes up handfasted to one hot Scot names Iain MacCowan.. The problem is The Campbells clan is his his clans biggest enemy! Then Iain’s new wife suddenly disappears ! Not a good way to start off a relationship or earn trust aye! Plus many think she and her sister are spies, then when Traci finally reappears Fiona turns up missing. Iain will do anything to help find her and reunite the sisters. Yet there is a lot shenanigans and people acting traitorous toward Iain you don't know who to trust! Plus this is all happening in the middle of historic events and battles in Scottish history.
Iain MacCowan is your typical flirt and playboy as far as Traci can see.  Especially for the 17th century he is definitely not husband material at all. She also knows she loves her modern 21st century conveniences and luxuries way too much to ever remain in the past!
Iain is always falling in love with well what he thinks is love but they always leave him. By all rights he should also be Laird of this clan but gave it to his Uncle. Iain was only 18 at the time and felt he was unfit to lead. His father's, the previous Laird, tragic death devastates him to the core. Iain feels his clan  would never trust him to lead nor vote him in. He does not see how many do see him for the honorable, protective, leader, and  warrior who would do anything to for his clan and its tenants and the woman he loves.
Traci is the only woman who has ever seen him for the man he truly is as more, yet they have so many communication issues and both have self-esteem and insecurity issues as well.The passion between these two is so hot-the pages will sizzle!  if only they could communicate and share their true feelings which just may cause this relationship to shrivel up and die!
Will Traci ever find her sister or is she lost to her forever? Plus when she does find her will she be the same Scottish loving carefree sister, ot will she be broken? As bad things can happen to a women alone in these dangerous times.
Iain feeds right into his Uncles hand with all his self esteem and insecurities. Plus the fact his Uncle is very threatened and jealous of his marriage and will do anything to end it. Then suddenly Fiona turns up missing as this bad Chieftain's self serving way definitely puts the clan and their tenants needs on the back burner. Will Iain ever see he is being manipulated like a puppet on a string? Will Iain ever feel worthy of Traci and reveal his true feelings?  Are these two star crossed lovers just meant to be centuries apart forever!You must read this marvelous book to find out!
RITA 2016 Winner Best Paranormal romance for book 2 in this series “Must Love Chainmail”! AlsoUSA Today bestselling author,Angela Quarles -writes a riveting time-travel adventure  from start to finish. You can read as a stand alone or in series order. This was my first read in the series which I absolutely loved and plan to backtrack and read them all! What a spectacular read!
Highly recommend and loved Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles!

 I was given this book from this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through for an honest review.

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