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Stolen by the Laird (Conquered Bride Series, Book 4) by Eliza Knight

Reviewed by Celtic Barb

5/5 Stars

Exquisite reads just magnificent!!! One Scottish romance lovers and history fans don't want to miss! Body Keith is definitely swoon worthy ladies! The total package believe me and my new book boyfriend! ❤️

Scottish Highlands, 1297

This book’s hero is Brody Keith who is the Marischal of Scotland. Robert the Bruce the future King asks him to swipe Dunnottar castle back from the English. He will be going on this journey with William Wallace. If he succeeds in this mission he the he will own the castle,it's  lands and everything it holds. Brody hates everything English especially since the savage cruel murders of his father and sister. So he is more than surprised  when he finds another prize in the castle after the seize…..well actually four...of female origins too!

Lady Guinevere I is less then happy to trade one husband for another since one had been killed in the seize. Not that she feels remorse as he had been a cruel  abusive drunkard husband blaming her for not able to perform his husbandly duties in the bedroom. She knows Brody is the lesser of the  two evils,  but does she want to give her virginity to a savage heathen barbarian Scot? 

So she makes a deal with the devil to buy her time out of this distasteful predicament. The deal is he is not to bed her for three months. her ladies are also under his protection that no man is to touch them! She knows if she hadn't agreed the Scottish soldiers most likely would had abused them, passing them around them as in the spoils of war with the possibility of rape and slitting their throats! Guin did what she had to to survive and protect her ladies in waiting for now. 

She just wasn't prepared to feel things she never did before for her English husband, after feeling Brody's seductive passionate soft kiss. Feeling things she never did from her English husband whose kisses were so distasteful and quite the opposite of Brody Keith’s soft slow seductive kisses and making her want more. Of what she wasn't certain but definitely more... 

Will they last the three months time plus she is starting to care for her enemies people as well. They both have secrets they have not revealed, will they ever trust each to reveal? Yet there are some who want to break this alliance. Who want her gone and will do anything to see it done, Who will win? The ghosts of the past? Will her life Guinevere's life be forfeit by enemies among Brody's people? Will hate that had been bred into each other or will love conquer all?  Afterall love is a many splendored thing! Is it not?  

OMG! OMG! Eliza does it again in her fourth installment in her best selling hit Conquered Bride Series! Again she pens another well researched magnificent Scottish historical surrounding the seizing of Dunnottar Castle. It has true history, iconic heroic historical characters like William Wallace blended in her own fictional historic tale! This is my absolute  favorite ingredients when reading a fictional historical romance. Only the dates have been changed for the author's fictional story purposes which is absolutely brilliant! 

Has all the elements Scottish romance readers love breathtaking settings  that you can smell the heather, exquisite dialogue. Also twisting and turnings plots that have the readers gasping for air with anticipation wondering what will happen next! This is my favorite in The Conquered Bride Series, but I have loved them all! Definitely unforgettable, one for the keeper shelf to read again and again. Yes it is that much of a phoenominel story the will melt your heart and  warm your soul! 

If you're like me and love Alba ( Scotland)  and your heart belongs to Scotland, believe me you don't want to miss this magnificent Highland Tale! Stolen by the Laird is totally  exhilarating and I highly recommend you read his and all the books on this series! You can read in series order or a stand alone book so not worries on either counts. Another Eliza Knight superbly written novel that readers won't be able to put down and will stay with you! I absolutely and unequivocally loved It! 

Conquered Bride Series by Eliza Knight

#1. Conquered By The Bride
#2. Seduced By The Laird
#3. Claimed By The Warrior
#4. Stolen By The Laird

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