Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Defiant by Kris Kennedy re-issue but even better the second time around for Celtic Barb! Now available in digital and print book! 5 Kilts.

Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog says:
Eva is determined to save her friend…
Jamie is determined to to capture her friend…

Eva is a liar to protect
Jamie is a liar to get what he wants

England, 1214

Jamie Lost, a favorite Knight under a King's command is ordered by his King to kidnap a Cúre and bring him to his King. Jamie has never failed an order or mission ordered by his King even knowing the results could be lethal for those he catches. A missing Priest who had been on self imposed exile in France for the past ten years. Of course even Jamie the King favorite warrior knows the result most likely won't be good for this Priest once in the King's possession. As many people who have been invited by this King John-have never been heard from or seen again, often reported missing by their families. Yet what choice did Jamie really  have? Non at all and he never failed a mission the reason he was chosen, well he had previously never failed. Well that was until he met the beautiful waif Ava who has deceived, lied, and threaten his mission as well as thawing his cold, black heart! As he desires her like no other!

Ava knows Jamie is a very bad man as she calls him and also knows she is caught in more ways than one. She intends to escape him as she like Jamie is very talented at deceiving, threat, lies and can be very dangerous. Yet they. Are both on opposite sides of this uneasy alliance, but both are desperately  searching for the Priest for very different reasons. For Ava loves this man like a father and not on the religious sense, she too has been in exile for the past decade. As she has been protecting her ward Roger since he was five years old and saw his father a titled man murdered as well as their entire household. So she has been on the run with Roger for a decade, as he is one of the missing heirs. Could Ava be as well? Or is she the missing nursemaid that helped the young heir escape all those years ago? Ava was a thirteen year old girl herself and if it were not for this Priest they most likely would of never survived. Now they are all in England and they are still fighting for survival and England is about to be in a middle of a civil war between the royals and the rebels and both sides are full of very bad and dangerous men? Who will win and what result will be for people like Ava, Roger and this Priest and the important papers he has in his possession that everyone seems to want?

Ava always wanted to be married and have a family but she knows those things are not in her future or a reality for her.  Jamie knows he can never be tied to one woman as his missions are too dangerous and has too many enemies too long with even longer memories! He knows the end result would end in death. Yet you can feel the attraction between these two which is so hot the pages sizzle! During this time together they both look at reality, their dismal futures  and their hearts. As this attraction is not just physical but mental as well. How can you stay with someone you can never really trust and might just be lethal to your very livelihood anyhow.

Secrets will be opened and betrayed. Ava wants to save her friend. Jamie want to capture her friend,  Ava will die for those she loves , Jamie will kill under his cruel mean vindictive Kings orders. Yet he betray someone will it be Ava or this bad King to keep his status as favorite and coffers filled. Readers will have to reading this non-stop s action filled fast paced riveting adventure with a surprise ending you never saw coming! Will Jamie chose love or deceit and betrayal and possibly murder?

Bravo Ms. Kennedy another powerful, heartstopping thrilling tale, filled with mystery, suspense, murder, mayhem, intrigue, hate, passion and love!  It will keep readers wondering right to the last page of this masterpiece of a story.

This is a stand alone story that is just magnificent and Jamie is absolutley a keeper that will make readers drool! This as my second time reading and think I loved it even more! Highly recommend and definitely worth a revisit.

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