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Her Highland Rogue by Violetta Rand 5/5 Kilts

Her Highland  Rogue by Violetta Rand
Reviewed by Barb Massabrook
5/5 stars

Kintail, Scotland 1498
This story starts with a healer calling herself  Sgùrr, a pregnant woman having had  two lovers of enemy clans. Deciding her child would be much better off not being brought up around so much hate and violence. Sgùrr decides to leave them both and give birth to her daughter in a cave in the high mountains away from humanity. A few years later she knows her daughter needs to be around other people and living in Cave in isolation is not the the best solution for her child. So she leaves her to be found by the MacRaes who are known for their generosity and kindness towards orphans and abandoned children. It was the best decision she could make though forever breaking her heart!

Kintail, Scotland 1515
This story hero is about Laird MacRae’s son and heir Erroll,  who has been ordered on a mission by his Laird Father. He is to journey to find one of their kitchen maids who is missing. As this Laird found this missing lass eight years prior abandoned and all her memories missing. As The Laird is known for his generous heart and takes her in and makes her one of his own calling her Aileana MacRae.

Aileana MacRae was put in an horrible situation where the drunk Broc, Captain of the Guard attacks her with unwanted advances! She knows no one will believe her after all he is the Captain of the Guard and she being lowly kitchen maid. Most will think she should be lucky to have the erroneous attention of such a man. On top of that being the Laird's son Erroll’s best friend, she feels she really has no choice but to run. It's not like she can defend herself against such a man.

Erroll feels she is overreacting which  makes his father furious as every MacRae and member of his household is just as as important. Erroll would rather hunt or bed a willing lass and not taking his responsibilities seriously. The Laird has been fighting a lung infection for the past several years, this only makes him disappointed and angry at his son and heir.

Then when does discovers her in the witches cave they both act out on the feelings they have been hiding and share a passionate kiss. Of course the Laird doesn't realize his son has always desired Aileana,  this ginger haired lass with the big blue eyes. Of course he knows better than to take the advantage of one of their orphans who have become a part of their clan family.  Plus she is always being mistreated  cruelly by most of the women due to her being a bastard and orphan. This laird also has a special place in his heart for  Aileana too, protective of the lass treating her more like a daughter then a serf. Though it  is the spinster maids Margo and Esme who raise her and love her dearly. That was a big part of the problem all the MacRae men admired her quiet shy beauty and half of the women were jealous of of it! The women made her life a living hell making up horrible lies with venomous rumors and treating her horribly.

Then Erroll finally discovers the missing lass in the mountains in a witch's cave thing come to full impact! As all the emotions and feeling Erroll had been hiding and  holding back come out! Aileana too has desired Erroll too but  feels nothing good would come it and end in her heart being broken! Aileana is not stupid and knows his reputation with other women but still something changes at this moment between them. When he realizes what Broc has done he is furious and assigns himself as her protector. Then his father makes him make a choice either marry her or allow Broc to marry her. What will Aileana pick? No the story does not end here.

Lately Aileana has only  wanted to find out where she comes from? Who her parents are? Are they even alive? She knows she has to leave MacRae lands if ever to discover the truth of her birth. Yet her feeling for Erroll are real, but she feels her moving up so high in status will only make the rumors become worse and more. Would the Laird and his son come to resent and become ashamed of her? When happiness does suddenly come in her grasp it is taken away just a quickly!  Will this orphan ever get a break for happiness or it only gloom and doom and possibly death in her foreseeable future? Recommend you read this captivating book to find out the answers and so much more….

Breathtaking tale of feuding clans, secrets, betrayal, emotional conflicts, heartbreak, romance, star crossed lovers and more! Beautifully written in this fast paced, riveting, non-stop action adventure! Readers will be rooting this couple accomplishes a happily ever after! But will they is the big question?

Bravo Violetta Rand for writing such a top notch magnificent story! Plus since Clan MacRae is my true Scottish ancestral roots, this book had an even more special place in my heart! I was totally mesmerized and glued to my seat, read in one sitting as I literally could not put this book down! Highly recommend “Her Highland Rogue” definitely one not to be missed!

***I was given an ARC of this book from Loveswept/ Penguin Random House publishers in exchange for an honest review through

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